In Italy Mengoni, Alessandra Meili and Lorraine are the most listened to

    In Italy Mengoni, Alessandra Meili and Lorraine are the most listened to

    After the victory of the Swedes Lauren with “tattoo”And Spotify Reveal the audience data of the participating artistsEurovision Song Contest 2023.

    Between May 8th and 14th, during the week of the event, of course “two lives” to Marco Mengoni The song, which confirms itself as a favorite of the Italians, dominates the rankings Spotify In our country, despite the fourth place in the European competition.

    In the top 3 we find Queen of Kings to Alexandra Meili (Italian competition for Norway, placed 5th) e “tattoo” to Lauren.

    However, there are many songs in the competition that have attracted attention on the platform during the days of the festival. In particular, in Italy,Cha cha cha from second place Käärija (Finland) recorded a ratings growth of more than 1200%, also in the week of Eurovision.

    also Because of you Belgian Gustav (Seventh place) e Water pistol Swiss Remo Fourier (Twenty in the End) posted ratings increases of over 1,000% and around 850%, respectively.

    Eurovision 2023, Spotify data abroad

    However, if we consider the data of all countries participating in the competition, among the most developed songs, Mama SH! from Croats let 3 (13th place in the ranking) recorded an increase of 607%.

    But the growth in the ratings isn’t just about the songs in competition. The pieces shown during the end interval code, “The best devil you know” to Sonya (UK 1993) e “I turn to you” to Melanie Cplayed before Cornelia Jacobsby nearly 1000% and 130%, respectively.

    Looking at the ratings in all participating countries, the song he wrote Laurenalso in rotation on Italian radios, remained the most listened to during the week, entering the top ten in Spotify Global Top 50 and breaking the record The most played song in a single day worldwide (4,275,290 streams) by a Swedish female artist. A record previously kept by Manskinwho managed 4,238,506 the day after their 2021 victory.

    Also, success Lauren It was across the generations: in fact, it is “tattoo” It was the most played song of the Eurovision week Spotify from all age groups. They complete the platform “cha-cha-cha” to Käärija And “queen of kings” to Alexandra.

    Source: ANSA

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