In Germany, there is a big strike to demand higher wages. “Escalation on the French Model”

    In Germany, there is a big strike to demand higher wages.  “Escalation on the French Model”

    Railways air stops, and transmit Urban At least seven landers, pounds highway companies And Maritime administration. All public transportation services located in Germany, On Monday, March 27, they will stop a major strike, inspired, as many have commented, by what is happening in France. Rail transport unions called out an unprecedented protest, iveand initials greenswhich launched its appeal to obstruct air traffic. The goal of both acronyms is clear wage increase. Verdi demands a 10.5% increase and a minimum €500 payroll. ive Instead, he wants to get at least 650 euros more. Leader greens, Frank Warnke – Shortcut representing 120,000 employees – Expects ‘tremendous impact’ from the appeal, communicated through a joint statement to the press, and strong support for the initiative. ive On the other hand, it accounts for 230,000 employees in bus And Railways.

    Dimensions He hits Declared Objectively Unusual: a packing This importance dates back to thirty years ago, when in the spring of 1992 public transport was paralyzed, and in stages, even for several weeks. Monday move in Federal Republic So it will be very difficult. there Deutsche Bahn It has already announced the suspension of long-distance and most regional trains. Delays and inconveniences in trading can indeed be forewarned on Sunday evening, and even on Tuesday morning, is the warning. airports Frankfurt And Munich And they warned: at the beginning of next week, the flights will not be regular. Those planning to travel are encouraged to review the schedule. the He hits It starts at midnight on March 26th and ends exactly 24 hours later. The Federal Association of Airports ADV announced that “about 350 thousand passengers, who must travel for private reasons and for their work, will not be able to set foot on the plane.”

    “What we see is an escalation on the French model,” commented among others the general manager, Ralph Bissell. The unions are breaking away from the tradition of finding solutions in Germany at the negotiating table. With the general strike, there is an attempt to introduce French methods into this country Deutsche Bahn He sharply criticized the strike as “unpaid and unnecessary”. For the Personnel Manager, Martin SeilerThe union must go back to sitting at the table,” we introduced an offer responsible We are ready for that a dialogue all the time “.

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