In France, TikTok and other popular apps have been banned from government agencies

    In France, TikTok and other popular apps have been banned from government agencies

    From France comes a curious piece of news about a measure that could also be taken in other countries: some very popular apps, including those of Tik Tokit is blocked from the devices of government employees.

    According to reports, the decision was made due to cybersecurity concerns, as blocked apps could compromise data for both employees and management.

    TikTok and other apps are banned in France

    to to announce The measure was the Minister of Public Administration Stanislas Gueriniwho specified that the ban had an immediate effect but that penalties for violating it would be determined at the “management level”.

    Currently, this ban is not related to personal devices but in the future it could extend to them as well and this will undoubtedly lead to protests from government employees.

    The French civil service minister has also specified that there may be some exceptions for essential communication purposes while not providing an official list of apps that have been banned.

    Among the applications that will be blocked are Tik TokAnd TwitterAnd Netflix And the popular game Candy Crush gamethat is, all entertainment applications that could put government data at risk: Basically, the law is not intended to hit a specific category of applications or a specific country that could exploit them to “steal” precious data.

    This new ban follows similar actions already taken against TikTok by other countries (which have categorically ruled out cooperation with the Chinese government), such as the United States, the European Commission, the United Kingdom and Canada.

    It remains to be understood how the new rule will be received (perhaps very badly) by French civil servants and how much it will actually be respected. As far as this last aspect is concerned, a lot will depend on what the penalties will be.

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