“In five years I see myself in the first division”

    “In five years I see myself in the first division”

    The Rosazurri’s number one, returning from the promotion win that reached last weekend, has spoken of the club’s future.

    Fur Catania Serie C

    head of the Cataniabearish PleiagraThey spoke into the microphones of the editorial staff of a magazine Catanista.com To talk about the current season and the upcoming ones. These are his sayings:

    “I will certainly connect Australia with Catania, but I will also connect the rest of the world with Catania; so that people from all over the world can get to know this city and this club. Just like Australians, they know Catania now. We will connect more and more people in Australia to make people understand what It is Catania.In Australia there are people of non-Catania, non-Sicilian and even non-Italian origin who now support Catania and come to watch the games on Sunday evenings in the clubs, pubs and restaurants that we meet, even at our headquarters.In short, we have people all over Australia who support Catania and we are going to start In building a following on a larger international level to get the recognition that Catania deserves.”

    Budget for next year? We have to complete this season. Next year will be different and also the type of budget will be different. We will provide any kind of budget required to achieve our goals. We will not spare energy or resources. This year has been like this and so far it has been going great. We will do the same next year. Thus, the budget will obviously be higher. But I repeat, I do not have figures yet because my collaborators are working on this aspect with a view to presenting it to the Board of Directors.

    We are assessing the potential for decline in Australia. We don’t have any answers yet. Of course, it’s up to Vince and Mark to decide. But yeah, I don’t rule out the possibility of doing so at some point. How do I see Catania after five years? In Serie A we work hard. The goals we achieve lead us in this direction. Our first goal is to get there.”

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