IMU, Payment Notices Are Raining Amid Taxpayer Fear: What To Do

    IMU, Payment Notices Are Raining Amid Taxpayer Fear: What To Do

    The assessment deadline back in the 2017 tax year is due to expire by the end of the year, so many taxpayers shudder at the idea of ​​receiving notice from the revenue agency. Here’s what to do.

    In these last glimpses of 2022, the finance department can provide verification of payments related to 2017. These also include IMU tax payments that refer specifically to that year. So, there would be thousands of taxpayers reached by a notice of credit for any omissions that were made in reference to that period. Let’s see how to proceed in these cases.

    Taxpayers who will receive notification of IMU tax assessment on these days can benefit from deed revocation. This is provided that the property tax was paid in reference to that period or that the property is the primary residence. In fact, it may happen that citizens, despite being in regularity in IMU payments, can be reached with a notice of non-payment due to the failure of the municipality to update.

    In this case, the first step is to make sure that the tax is not due. After that, it will be possible, within a period of time not exceeding thirty days from the date of notification, to submit an application for self-defense. By submitting this specific document, the taxpayer requests the invalidation of the deed by submitting the necessary documents. Next, attach a copy of the payment receipt for the 2017 IMU tax or proof that the property is the primary residence. However, the application for self-defense may be denied. So what do you do in case of failure?

    IMU, Push Notifications Are Raining: What To Do If An Application Is Denied

    In the event that the result of the self-defense application is rejected, citizens can file an appeal within 60 days from the date of notification of the contract.

    On the other hand, if the reported act is established, it is better to settle the debtor’s situation to avoid running into harsher penalties.


    In conclusion, we remind you that the 2022 IMU balance expires last December 16th. We therefore advise taxpayers who have not made a payment to take advantage of what is called effective repentance. Through this procedure, it is possible to benefit from reduced penalties depending on the time taken to settle one’s situation. In other words, the fines decrease the earlier the payment is made. The most convenient solution is to pay the IMU tax within the first 14 days of the deadline, because in this case a penalty of 0.10% will be applied for each day of delay.

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