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Improved performance on PS4 and Xbox One? Digital Foundry Analysis

  Improved performance on PS4 and Xbox One?  Digital Foundry Analysis

With the arrival of patch 1.10 and associated hotfix 1.11 from Cyberpunk 2077, the inevitable analysis of Digital foundry On the impact of recent updates on the stability and performance of this CD Projekt RED flagship sci-fi movie.

The British team focused their attention on improving performance, particularly on those platforms that have suffered the most from Cyberpunk 2077 since its launch. Fix 1.10 and Fix 1.11 They introduced some improvements in memory management that were found to be crucial in fixing a wide range of errors. In particular Playstation 4 The standard image quality appears to have improved significantly, with the display of anti-aliasing and post-processing effects improved. All this then affects the frame rate which, in some scenarios, buys up to 5/6 fps.

for him Xbox One The situation is a little different: although the overall quality improvements have not changed, the frame rate still suffers and the situation does not seem to have changed since the first 1.02 correction. There is also an issue with the severe drop in frame rate which requires complete elimination of the cache to be resolved. However, on more powerful consoles, the situation remains unchanged, at least in terms of overall performance.

In short, the new patches seem to be heading in the right direction, especially for the old and widespread PS4 and Xbox One base. However, Digital Foundry notes that the experience is still far from pleasant, especially in some situations. Meanwhile, CD Projekt RED made available the official tool for Situation in Cyberpunk 2077.

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