Immigrants, the panacea for the British economy –

    Immigrants, the panacea for the British economy –

    Immigration is good for growth. This was approved last week by the British Office for Fiscal Responsibility, the independent body that oversees the London accounts, according to which the UK economy will avoid entering a technical recession this year (defined as two consecutive quarters of negative growth) Why A larger-than-expected influx of immigrants will lead to a rise in GDP. However, a small contraction of 0.2% is indicated for 2023, but much lower than the previous forecast, which predicted a decline in GDP by 1.4%: for the following years, an average annual growth of 2% (in detail, equal to 1.8 % in 2024, 2.5% in 2025, 2.1% in 2026, and 1.9% in 2027): The increase is largely due to immigration, which is estimated to result in the British economy growing by 0.5% in the next few years.

    It’s a result The influx of people from abroad that post-Brexit proved to be much greater than expectedThe Office for Budget Responsibility estimates that immigration will stabilize in coming years around a net balance (total arrivals minus departures) of 245,000 people per year, double what was indicated last year. For the British economy, this is a panacea, because it would mean at least 160,000 more workers: all in all, the British population will grow by 1,600,000 people over the next six years. The post-Brexit immigration system resulted in the issuance of 800,000 visas in the first year alone: ​​of these, only 50,000 went to Europeans, while There was a boom in Africans and Asians. From a political point of view, the government continues to say that it wants to reduce the number of immigrants: but the real numbers and those of the economy tell us a very different reality. not by chance, The Treasury kept its mouth shutThey did the math and finally saw that it worked for them.

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