Immigrants German side: it mediates between Paris and Rome

    Immigrants German side: it mediates between Paris and Rome

    In the challenge between Italy and France regarding the management of migration flows and landings in Europe, the Germany She immediately put herself in an intermediate position. The German government led by Olaf Scholz, while not dropping its welcome line to the point of emphasizing its support for NGOs operating in the Mediterranean, has avoided following Emmanuel Macron in his demand to isolate Italy by breaching the agreement on deportations. A move that has a dual appeal, image and political. On the other hand, Berlin has avoided appearing as a country that rejects asylum seekers and breaches European agreements on reception; On the other hand, it managed not to keep up with the French line, thus forcing a third route between Rome and Paris.

    The choice was also confirmed by the German Minister of the Interior, Nancy Visser. Representative of the Social Democratic government, in response to a question about the clash between Eliseo and Palazzo Chigi after the case Ocean Viking On Berlin’s possible mediating role, he said:We always try mediate Where can we in the European Union“.”My commitment from the outset was to find a common European solutionWeisser stressed. And in this response there are several evidences of the position taken not only by Germany, but also by a large part of the European Union: Do not underestimate the requests of the countries on the southern front of the European Union by building the foundations of more common immigration throughout the old continent, and after all, the idea of ​​a European solution was the one advocated by the Italian government, which, despite being in different political positions than Schultz’s executive, never denied the hope of greater European solidarity, without as insular escape routes as Paris sources in the German government suggested instead, and this sense of partnership also cemented the duo. Matteo Bentedosi And his counterpart, Weser, on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Eltwil, Germany. “The two ministers affirmed their readiness to cooperate on the issue of immigration and security within the framework of European rules” he claims Dealing.

    This is not the first time that at this stage of the debate on the issue of immigrants from Germany there are signs of interest in the needs of the southern European front. Weser had already confirmed in recent days that “It is right to invest in legal escape routes to protect people from this terrible suffering in the MediterraneanDealingAt a meeting in Berlin’s Dgap, the German minister reiterated the idea that there could be “Only European response“To the phenomenon of migration. With special reference to what happened on the border with BelarusAnd the fact that the German representative said on that occasion that “There are no just national answers“and confront”there Exploit immigration“.

    Of course, this should not be dismissed in the legal dispute between Italy and the NGO, where instead persistent calls have arrived from Germany in favor of these organizations operating in the Sicilian Channel and throughout the Mediterranean. However, it seems that Berlin – at the stage when it is trying to regain the reins in the European Union, which was orphaned by the leadership of Angela Merkel – wants to avoid entering into a confrontation with Rome. Especially if this can avoid favoring anyone France Linked to Germany but often anxious to find a counterweight to the German leadership. This need for mediation could be particularly useful to the Italian government, which instead of remaining isolated in Europe at the suggestion of the Elysee, seems to have received at least political solidarity in a large part of the continent.

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