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    I'm late with vaccinations - Corriere.it

    Lockdowns continued in Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam. These countries that are lagging behind in vaccinations continue to impose tight restrictions to defeat the virus. With the Delta variant, they abandon the Zero Covid . strategy

    From a pandemic tool deployed around the world in the first stage, the shutdown has been transformed into a lever to scratch the resistance of the no Vax. From Secretary Speranza to Israeli Prime Minister Bennett, many leaders are shaking the specter of a return to lockdowns. But there are countries that are lagging behind in the vaccination drive, still resorting to confinement to fight the delta variant.


    Australians in Sydney and Melbourne can’t take it anymore. For nearly two months now, they experienced a very severe shutdown. But now they see the end of the tunnel: the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced in recent days that the country will abandon the zero-Covid strategy which imposed a strict siege even with few casualties. Morrison said it was time for Australia to live with this virus without fear of it. who then issued a warning to governors: the borders of the seven Australian states must Re-open as soon as vaccination rates reach 70-80% of the population, the goal to be achieved by Christmas. Until now, Only a quarter of the entire population is vaccinated (compared to 50-60% of Europeans and Americans). The immunization campaign here started late due to difficulties in providing and distributing vaccines. But since mid-August, there has been an acceleration in vaccinations: the goal appears to be achievable.

    new Zeland

    A national lockdown is underway in New Zealand, one of the last democracies still following a zero-Covid strategy. The measure taken in mid-August after one case of internal infection (not imported), the first in months. A case led to an outbreak with 700 infections and about thirty people ended up in hospital. The closure has been extended until at least mid-September But the belief that the delta variable can be eliminated is also weakened in Wellington. No country succeeded, noted a government advisor talking with The New York Times. Even the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Could Change Strategy, Bias Other Western Countries: Accelerate the Delayed Vaccination Campaign (Up to 20% of the population has not completed the course), withstanding some spread of the virus to keep society more open.


    Toward The end of the zero-Covid strategy also Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City, the epicenter of the country’s epidemic outbreak (24,110 cases and 9,974 deaths, half the national cases and 80% of the deaths), is considering reopening its activities from September 15. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh warned last week that Vietnam could face a long battle against the virus and could not rely on indefinite lockdowns and quarantines. The former Saigon aims to reopen and vaccinate its 9 million residents by the end of the year, According to the previously revised draft plan Reuters. The army was deployed to the city last month to keep people at home. Only 3% of Vietnamese (98 million) were vaccinated.


    After the lockdown imposed in the Manila region in early August – 12 million people involved – the Philippines prepares for the trial from 8 September 1 granular closure: No longer at the district or prefectural level but on a small scale, the decision to impose it rests with the village chiefs. Hoping to be more effective, since The virus is transmitted at a rate of 15,000 new infections per day: Already exceeded two million injuries.

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