If you’re a sweet tooth, you couldn’t help but know some curious things about Nutella: we’re going to reveal them to you

    If you’re a sweet tooth, you couldn’t help but know some curious things about Nutella: we’re going to reveal them to you

    Nutella, who doesn’t love it? And if you’re particularly greedy, there are a few curiosities you absolutely should know: Here’s what they are.

    Are you sure you know everything about the beloved Nutella? There are some things no one knows about that are essential for true fans of the genre. Who has never tasted Nutella, which is used on bread, on slices of cake or simply in a teaspoon. Falling in love with it is very simple, but how well do you know Nutella? certainly One of the most loved and most consumed products in the worldThe undisputed favorite for those with a sweet tooth

    Curiosity about Nutella: Here's what you don't know
    Nutella is the most popular product with gourmets, and there is a lot of curiosity about it -Mammastyle.it

    But did you know that there are Many anecdotes and curiosities about the most famous cream spread never? Some things you didn’t know for sure: we’ll reveal them to you! Beloved, coveted and even sometimes criticized, Nutella, produced by the Piedmontese company Ferrero, is one of the world’s most famous food stars! First of all, Nutella has a specific day to celebrate. Just like a real birthday already there is nutella day, A day dedicated entirely to the hazelnut spread, which has been on the decline since 2007 Every February 5th.

    All the curiosities about Nutella, the creamy spread that Italians love

    People share dishes, photos and stories related to Nutella on this particular day. Social media is filled with exciting videos, photos, events, and recipes to try right away. There is, on the record for Nutella-filled sandwiches, a Guinness World Record. In Como, in August 2019, prof A sandwich with a length of 132.66 meters, about 75 kilos of Nutella. A year ago, in 2018, A.J Osaka in Japan Nutella themed slot machines, A machine that allowed you to combine bread, Nutella, and fillings, and it gave a lot of joy.

    What you need to know about Nutella
    Here are some Nutella curiosities that no one knew about – Mammstyle.it

    We don’t know exactly how much is being produced, but we read in the post that they are coming to be 365 thousand tons of spreadable cream onlywithout considering the products made with it.

    Nutella times? more United Statel chicago and new york, were created Two types of Nutella coffee With interior furnishings not only themed, but above all recipes made with the beloved cream. I like to the extent that there is a collector BergamoAnd Simon Paganoni which has In 13 years, 4,261 items related to Nutella were collected, as Repubblica explains. Are you still curious? There is a hotel in California, in the Napa Valley, where the furnishings and menus are designed.

    And then we talk about recipes. Here are the seven ingredients of Nutella. As stated on the site: sugar, slammed palm oil, hazelnuts (13%) from Turkey, skimmed milk powder (8.7%), low-fat cocoa (7.4%) and two emulsifiers (Lecithin and vanillin). In short, it is not really a healthy product but one that is being consumed all over the world with success. in order Forbes actually Giovanni Ferrero is one of the richest Italians in the worldreached the 39th position in 2019. He is the richest man in Italy and the fourth in the world in the ranking dedicated to food and drinks.

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