If your skin is like this, beware: You may be suffering from a nutritional deficiency

    If your skin is like this, beware: You may be suffering from a nutritional deficiency
    Nutrition and its effects on the skin
    Skin and Nutrition – Street Food News

    Nutrition is something that radically changes our lifestyle, and the marks on the skin confirm this. Let’s see what it is.

    Many things we eat and consume every day They are not in our favourIn fact they could be Harmful For our health. The effects can be seen on our bodies and our lifestyle suffers damage.

    Many people suffer from food allergies or intolerances marks on the body or physical problems, but it’s not just people with these disorders who associate negative symptoms What you eat every day.

    Many people don’t realize this however Some foods are bad for us It can be recognized from its appearance, in fact some parts of the body that suffer from it are the skin, hair and nails. This happens by the way from an incorrect power source Or the lack of nutrients necessary for our body. So we must pay close attention to the well-being of our body.

    Improper diet or just eating certain foods or lack of others is often the cause Diseases of a different natureto. It is important to know when you are in this circumstance and to know Take action and maybe change our diet.

    Consequences of nutrition on the skin

    Numerous studies confirmed important signs That nutrition on the body, and in particular on the skin, the place where it is damages and consequences. Some of the main effects are pallor, Which indicates a severe iron deficiency which also leads to fatigue due to reduced hemoglobin which can also lead to hair loss and brittle nails.

    Another consequence of feeding on the skin is classic Dryness and brittleness Because of the lack of vitamin C, which performs basic functions such as tissue regeneration, and its absence leads to bleeding in the gums or under the skin, such as muscle pain.

    Nutrition has many consequences for the skin – Street Food News

    Other negative consequences for the skin

    skin in close contact with a nail, another part of the body that has devastating consequences for the food that is consumed, it can also change its shape and become spoon-shaped, break, change its color and often create white spots on it. All this happens because Vitamin A, B, E deficiency.

    On the other hand, the lips can undergo Cuts in the corners Due to the lack of iron or vitamin B, they may have various infections, cracks, etc. if they eat foods that contain a lot of salt.

    Attached to the lips is too Tongue Which can look unhealthy as dots on its surface or look pale, just like the skin and this is due to a lack of vitamins and iron.

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