If your iPhone drains quickly, you need to use these tricks right away

    Migliorare batteria iphone

    It’s hard to live without a smartphone these days, and since so much of our lives are surrounded by these tiny devices, we don’t want them to run out of steam at an inopportune moment.

    iPhones are certainly among the most used devices by most of the population, and they are constantly updated, but one of the main problems that users face for all Apple devices is the battery life, which does not always fully satisfy iPhone owners.

    It is not always the fault of the manufacturer or the seller, but almost in fact, sometimes we use mobile phones disproportionately or waste a lot of battery by doing actions that we can also avoid: in this way not only will the iPhone last longer, but at the same time we will waste Less electricity to recharge and therefore a Net savings on bills.

    Longer battery life = less money spent

    iPhone 14 Pro Max provides more than 19 hours of battery life, but what if you have an older model that might not last long? Apple’s $29 battery replacement program is now out of date, but you can still pay From 49 to 69 euros To replace a new one, depending on the iPhone model owned. However, if you’d rather extend your battery life for a few months without having to pay for a new battery (or a new iPhone), here are some solutions you can try.

    One of the most powerful weapons against battery drain is Power saving mode. In this mode, the phone only performs basic tasks, so background tasks like downloads and mail scanning are disabled. A small click for you but a big difference in terms of energy consumption and money wasted on electricity. This mode is activated automatically when the battery drops below 20%, but from the settings you can activate it even earlier.

    Brightness, GPS, Siri – the enemies of the battery

    Smartphone screens are getting bigger and brighter, but the crisp screens that keep you up at night are killing battery life. The good news is that you can easily de-escalate these situations.
    First, turn on auto brightness. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Display and Text Size > Auto Brightness and turn it on. Your phone will adjust the brightness according to the current lighting condition. If there is enough light to see it, the screen dims to save battery power.

    Location services are useful for apps like Google Maps or Yelp, but GPS signals can drain your battery quickly. If you turn off location services completely via Settings > Privacy > Location Services, your phone will stop providing location data to these services.

    Your digital assistant, Siri, will make suggestions based on your activity. If you have coffee most days, for example, Siri can suggest your order at the usual time. That’s great, but to do that, the assistant has to do some work in the background, which — you guessed it — eats up battery power. You go inside Settings > Siri and Search. Under Siri Suggestions, you can turn them on or off in Search, on the Lock screen and Home screen, or when sharing.

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