If you want a long, smooth bob that’s perfect all spring long, there’s only one thing you need to do!

    If you want a long, smooth bob that’s perfect all spring long, there’s only one thing you need to do!
    Perfect smooth long bob
    Credits @ Modaeimmagine.it

    Do you want long, super smooth hair but your flat iron just won’t work? We reveal the secret to straightening your hair to perfection.

    You just cut your hair and want your hair A perfectly smooth long bob? if you have i Basic wavy or curly hair And you don’t want to straighten your hair every day, we’ll reveal a t-shirtrucchetto for the perfect smoothie.

    You know, I spend every day there Painting doesn’t do much good For hair, even if it’s a celebrity too GHD or DysonIt’s always best not to expose your hair to it Too much pressure to avoid It spoils it and makes it dry and brittle And full of split ends.

    But if you are Give up fashion It’s a long bob, but your hair isn’t perfect Naturally smoothYou can try some Hair straightening techniques And don’t owe you anymore Worry about blur or a crepe (ex You will save time too to be prepared).

    One of the techniques for straightening your hair and getting lpermanent edge Among the most beloved and used is Chemical cauteryBut what does it consist of? Let’s see how it works and what to do for it dont hurt Poetry.

    How does chemical cautery work?

    with the Chemical cauteryIt could be your hair Perfect seamless For a really long time, but how is it? To chemically straighten your hair, you must Go to the hairdresserbetter Avoid DIY kits (so you don’t make a mistake and ruin your hair irreparably), which will continue by applying it to your hair 3 ingredients.

    The first is an agent capable of Breaking the keratin disulfide bondsThen the hairdresser applies a alkaline basis And finallyhydrogen peroxide. These three ingredients together will make your hair, whether curly or wavy, super soft. After doing that, the hairdresser will start Makes your hair smooth with 100% ceramic plate by adjusting it from 180° to 200°In this way, heat the dish It will speed up chemical reactions to straighten hair.

    straighten hair
    Hair straightening for fine hair – Modaeimmagine.it

    How often can we iron straight hair?

    If you are wondering if this The process can damage your hairThe answer is no, that’s enough do not overdo it With treatments and dependence on a Good hairdresser. The biggest danger, in fact, is Leave the products on For a long time, take a risk Burn the hair It would be better to repeat the treatment every 4 months minimumOtherwise, the hair can weaken and break.

    In general, you should straighten your hair with a chemical straightener 6-month smoothness guarantee In addition, this type of ironing is also useful Tame frizz, but remember to take care! After doing this kind of treatment, try using the gods Good hair products And he chose Shampoo and conditioner with a nourishing and regenerating action to strengthen it.

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