If you don’t, he might steal everything from you

    If you don’t, he might steal everything from you

    Whatsapp is a famous and used messaging platform all over the world. But your account needs to be protected, and here’s how to do it

    Whatsapp is an app by Correspondence Widely used around the world, it has been in our lives and on our smartphones for years, allowing us to communicate with people internationally.

    Whatsapp, how to protect your account-ilovetrading.it

    This application allows the exchange of millions of people every day files, audios and videos, possibility of doing video calls With friends, family or for work. It is also very secure, as private conversations are protected with an extension End-to-end encryptionthus allowing for more privacy.

    But that’s not all, because whatsapp also allows you to talk to more people through groups, and soon news about this will come. This is the entry for Temporary Groups, which will even have an expiration date to remove them, that can be created to organize an event, party, or whatever.

    The idea is excellent to not take up space on whatsapp and on the smartphone, eventually being able to get rid of groups for their own that would otherwise be no longer used. For some time now, whatsapp, which is always innovating the app with constant updates to bring ever better experience on the platform. Also added avatars.

    Whatsapp: how to protect your account

    Whatsapp always tries to keep up with the times but also cares a lot about the security aspect, which is why the company has also provided a series of pointers on how to protect your account.


    Every day, if we think about it, through this application we send a lot of messages containing information, special content, And we want what we talk about with others to remain between us and our interlocutor.

    There are guidelines given by Whatsapp itself to its users, to ensure that they feel as safe as possible while chatting with other people and maybe even trust things they don’t want others to know, whatever the reason.

    To protect your account from hacking of all kinds, it is important to follow the following instructions:

    • Never share your 6-digit registration code with anyone, least of all the PIN used to unlock 2-step verification, another privacy protection system
    • It is recommended that you activate two-step verification and provide a recovery email address in case you forget your PINs
    • It is also important to set the device code

    These precautions prevent the possibility of someone physically having access to your mobile phone and using your Whatsapp account without permission.

    Don’t click on links in emails that ask you to reset your 2-Step Verification PIN unless you request it yourself. In fact, anyone can try to get into your Whatsapp.

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