If the Prince of Wales is already considering his coronation

    If the Prince of Wales is already considering his coronation

    Not even ten days have passed since the coronation of King Charles. But some members of the royal family are already thinking about the upcoming ceremony. And who, if not the Prince of Wales? William, who was first in line of succession to the throne of the United Kingdom, had already made some proposals for the future, a few days after his father’s coronation. Although, to be honest, no one can predict for sure when his turn will come. But his ideas are clear and ambitious. Of these, one stands out in particular: that it not include tributes from the people during the ceremony. Thus, the opposite of what King Charles did.

    No oath of allegiance

    No need to get around it. William’s countdown started very quickly. It may still be several years before his coronation, but the Prince of Wales seems to be wasting no time. As mentioned before telegraph, so they have already begun to think about how to keep the ancient ceremonies “present”, while giving them “a different side and atmosphere”. As we said, the first change will concern the people’s homage. The moment when, last May 6, members of the public were invited to take an oath of allegiance to the King. Change, that is, in fact will not break any tradition. In fact, the swearing-in was something new that was introduced especially for King Charles’ “big day.” During the coronation, both the citizens present within Westminster Abbey and the English spectators who watched the ceremony from home were summoned to exclaim their “oath of allegiance” to the King and heirs to the throne, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury. We’ve said a novelty dubbed “Chorus of Millions,” meant to honor subjects and get “active” participation from people.

    However, apparently, only William was held in low esteem. After some criticisms and remarks, Lambeth Palace, the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, was in turn compelled to take a few steps back, and to reformulate the Pledge of Allegiance differently, specifying that during the Coronation Liturgy they were called upon to swear allegiance to offer their support, and not ‘people of good will’ as he suggested. in the beginning.

    More relevance and modernity

    but this is not all. A source close to Prince Al Sunday times that one of the 41-year-old’s main purposes was to make coronation “more relevant”. Hence, more recent. Moreover, according to rumours, no “opulent plan” could be concocted for King Charles because the royals were busy “contemplating” what could have been the first coronation in the United Kingdom after 70 years. The disappearance of Queen Elizabeth, in addition to causing an enormous sense of loss around the world, has also upset everyday life in England and Buckingham Palace. who suddenly found himself having to dust off the documents and artifacts of 70 years ago, to stage the most important celebration in the United Kingdom.

    Way back in 2016, William, as Duke of Cambridge, revealed to the BBC that he was concerned and wanted to “modernize” the monarchy. A similar conversation also took place on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the late Queen Elizabeth, when William told during an interview that the topic of modernization occupied a large space in his thoughts. “I think the Royal Family needs to be modernized and developed as it goes on, always staying relevant.” Years later, his impressions and thoughts at the time seem unchanged. Recently, another source close to the 41-year-old declared that the Prince of Wales is “taking stock” and considering how to develop the centuries-old tradition of coronation. He fully understands how important it is for him to be able to keep up with the times. As for him, as he had mentioned in the past, modernizing the monarchy was now a challenge.

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