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If the phone no longer charges then a simple thing might be enough to fix the problem

If the phone no longer charges then a simple thing might be enough to fix the problem

The mobile phone has now become a part of everyday life. We really use this device for everything. Whether it is to keep in touch with loved ones, or whether it is for work or setting commitments on the agenda, the smartphone is an extension of our hand. Let’s just think about the fact that we’re also using it now to also watch our favorite movies!

TV bag projections

In short, he almost became a best friend. It is precisely for this reason that we feel completely alarmed when we put it in charge and see that it is not working. Currently, a dead, locked cell phone is almost equivalent to isolation from the outside world. But there may be a workable solution that could be helpful. In fact, if the mobile phone is no longer charging, a simple object might be enough to solve the problem.

Earring method

Earring can come to our rescue in this situation. It is an object that almost everyone has in the home. And even if we didn’t have it, it would be easy to get it back. We need to find one of those earrings with a nun. It will be the extreme end of this particular jewel that usually slips into our earlobes to aid us. Thanks to its thin and curvy shape, in fact, it can solve the problem that prevents our mobile phone from charging properly. Let’s see how.

Here’s how to implement this innovative solution

If we don’t want to damage a new earring, we just need to find one of the old earring, which we no longer wear. Let’s gently insert it into the mobile phone charging slot and pass it right to left very slowly. Now let’s get it out. Thanks to her tip, the nun will be able to collect all the dirt from this hole.

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We repeat the process several times, until the dirt is gone. So, we now know that if the phone no longer charges, a simple object might be enough to fix the problem! In this way, we will avoid spending unnecessarily money to check an already dirty cell phone. We save valuable time and our wallet will thank you too! Obviously, this may be one of the reasons why our phone is not charging. If we see that the crack is clean on the inside, then there may be a different cause. In this case, we must take our smartphone to a specialist.


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