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If the itch doesn’t give you relief, it could be due to this strange cause

If the itch doesn't give you relief, it could be due to this strange cause

When you feel a constant itch, you immediately think of a skin disease. Dermatitis or urticaria. Obviously, in some cases this could be the case. But other times the answer is much simpler than you think.

If the itch doesn’t give you relief, it could be due to this strange cause

When there are no skin problems, some habit may be the cause. In fact, if neither the tissues nor a disease, then what remains? the laundry. Or rather, the detergent used for washing clothes.

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In fact, the cleaner could be the culprit. However, there are two things that need to be analyzed.

First of all, have you recently changed your detergent or fabric softener? Here the answer may be hiding here. In fact, without knowing it, you might have a slight sensitivity to some of the ingredients in the new cleanser. Causing a small allergic reaction and thus itching. If this happens often, you might be better off paying a visit toAn allergist. In order to identify the allergen. Usually the problem is in the underwear. Because they are in direct contact with the skin. Briefs, boxers, sleeveless shirts. So it is best to choose these cotton clothes. Wash them with gentle soap. This is to avoid problems due to new detergents.

But if the detergent is always the same, how can it suddenly bother you?

The answer must be sought at this stage in quantities. Yes, the reason may be the use of too much detergent. It is for this reason that the washing machine strives to rinse the correct way. Leave the detergent on the fabric even after drying. Then skin contact, possibly also due to a little sweat. It causes irritation and itching. Sometimes it is easy to realize that you have gone too far with the cleaner. Especially with black clothes. In fact, after wearing it and sweating a little, a white aura forms. Especially in the armpit area. This means that there was a lot of detergent. Therefore it is best to observe the doses indicated on the package based on kilograms of the load.

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Therefore, if the itch does not give a respite, it may be due to this strange reason. Nothing can be resolved by reconfiguring or even changing the detergent dosage. But always choose a product that suits our needs.


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