Home Tech “If Covid returns, it is not the fault of the Italians”

“If Covid returns, it is not the fault of the Italians”

“If Covid returns, it is not the fault of the Italians”

“If the virus returns, it will not be the responsibility of the Italians.” Professor Andrea Crisanti expresses himself in this way as all of Italy, at the entrance to the Aosta Valley, prepares to become a whitewashed region. “I think we need to distinguish between what people are saying and what is allowed. If the message is ‘white area all over Italy,’ you can’t tell people to ‘be careful.’ If the virus comes back in the fall, it won,” Crisanti told Otto e mezzo It will depend on the behavior of the Italians, but on the measures that the government will implement to combat the epidemic: tracing, sequencing, border control. “The Italians have been given the White Zone after 14 months of suffering, and they cannot be said to ‘be careful.’ The battle is going on at the political and organizational level. Are we ready? I think we are not there. If there is a will, ‘return. I hope it does not depend The virus affects the actions of the political and health authorities,” he adds.

Now the lights are on the delta variable. “The situation is very worrying for the British government, so it should not leave us indifferent. For the first time we have a variant that escapes the first vaccination, we are only protected from the second vaccination. The variant especially affects people who have not been vaccinated…, with such an aggressive type if it is not Sooner or later someone gets vaccinated.”

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