Home sport Ibrahimovic against Lebron has always been a sport policy

Ibrahimovic against Lebron has always been a sport policy

Ibrahimovic against Lebron has always been a sport policy

The recent attack by AC Milan champion on the Lakers star has brought the civil commitment of the great sporting personalities back to the center of the debate. Here is the point

The debate has been raging in the media for days: Can an athlete take part in politics? Or should the sport remain locked in the kind of competitive hyperuranium that avoids any kind of social question? The controversy sparked in recent days by Zlatan Ibrahimovic about the inadequacy of an admired athlete, such as LeBron James, to actively participate in public discourse, reflects a form of neutrality in sport, which, in the year Black Lives Matter, seemed a finale outdated before Date. A key issue in the USA, the land of Muhammad Ali who became a legend for his activities outside the ring, and where the commitment to sporting idols has been fundamental for decades, and not only. While here in Europe, clearly, these outdated distances remain and the Milan striker with his proverbial arrogance manages to show them.

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But what exactly happened? During an interview with Discovery + Sweden for the UEFA initiative, the Rossoneri striker spoke of LeBron James’ political commitment, at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement:Yes, yes, I love it very much. What (LeBron) is doing is exceptional, but I don’t like it when people of some kind of “status” talk about politics. Do what you’re good at. Do what you do. I play football because I am the best in football. I don’t practice politics. If I were a politician, I would have entered politics. This is the first mistake celebrities make when they feel like they have arrived. It is better for me to stay away from these topics and do what you are good at, otherwise you risk not leaving a good impression on us.A frankly disturbing statement.

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Naturally, the chosen basketball player did not react for long, as he was fired into the locker room at the end of the match two days later:I will never remain silent in the face of injustice, just as I will not limit myself to talking about sports. I am interested in my people, about social injustice, racism and electoral issues. I am part of a community. I realize that my voice is very strong and that it represents many people around the world, so I will continue to deal with topics like racism and equality.Two completely opposing opinions, as indicated with Anglo-Saxon pragmatism Editorial CNN, they can not leave indifferent. If no player supports his teammate’s thesis, many basketball players have instead taken to the field (media) to defend the work of those who have proudly advertised themselves for years. “More than an atletComing to fund the “Promise School” in Akron, Ohio, which is a primary school that aims to provide education to children from difficult situations. tweet, Baron Davis, former New York Knicks acrobatic playmaker, addressed Ibrahimovi as follows:And you are really stupid too. Take this Zohan appearance and bring it back to Sandler, because it doesn’t belong to you – A reference to Adam Sandler who honored us with this special. Let the king say his word, and now let the true king speakBut the most important one was defense Implemented by the Turkish Trailblazers Center, Anis Kanter, for years he fought a tough, remote battle against Turkish President Erdogan, which even led to the arrest of his father:When you are arrogant and have no sympathy for others, you think it is right to tell people not to fight for justice. It is not politics that divides, but what tears humanity apart are dictatorships and authoritarianism. When athletes decide to reveal themselves, they are not doing so for fun or for attention. It is a way to hold these systems accountable for their actionsBut perhaps the best answer is that of LeBron James himself who cites an important fact, sufficient in and of itself to put a tombstone into the question. The NBA star actually mentioned an interview Ibrahimovic gave to Canal + in 2018, while he was with Manchester. United On that occasion, the Rossoneri striker complained about the prejudice, bordering on racism, that the Swedish press had assigned to him. According to him, this hostility was caused by his Bosnian origins, which is evidenced by his title.If I had been called Anderson or Svenson, they would have advocated for me even if I had stolen a bank– He declared on that occasion. In his recollection of the incident, James not only emphasized in fact the contradiction of behavior, but also emphasized that everything in this world is political. Playing in Ibrahimovi’s path means doing it from the realistic bench.

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