“I would like to represent the UK”


    One of the most successful songwriters of the past 10 years, Ed Sheeranrecently had the opportunity to give an opinion on the UK’s participation in مشاركةEurovision Song Contest, as well as with regard to the second to last place in a row that the nation obtained. In fact, he was a recent guest on “Humberto‘, a Dutch talk show hosted by a Dutch actor and host of Surinamese descent Humberto Tan.

    beat maker author “shape you” He claimed to be a huge fan of and follow the Eurovision Song Contest every year, and to the host’s question about his possible future participation, Ed Sheeran replied:

    I watch it every year, and every year I talk about it with my boss asking to take part in it, but every time he responds it’s not something the plans foresaw.

    and think about it James Newman (who represented the UK this year with Embers) collaborated with Ed Sheeran on the song put everything on me, as well as with other songwriters on the English pop scene like his brother John Newman e Olly Morse.

    Continue Sheeran:

    I think if I were to participate, I would gladly… England should be loved by Europe, which is clearly not happening, and I don’t know if it will.

    So, even the British singer-songwriter has expressed a concept that many of his defeatist compatriots have affirmed with prejudice, that is, the UK is not loved by Europe and that is why it always gets disappointing results. However, it has been proven many times that certain statements leave the time they find, and that asking a completely “political question” is pointless.

    I just think that in 2009 (so far the last 10 out of the country-based) the UK took fifth place for a very good song and for the exceptional artist that was Jade Ewen, With Andrew Lloyd Webber He sewed it on her “It’s my time”, in 2010 The results were drastically opposed to a nice song without any appeal, which unfortunately took the last place Josh Dubovy. Eleven years ago, there was no question of “Brexit” (which many Britons blame for poor results in the UK), yet their songs were rewarded if they were of quality and otherwise failed.

    Mosul Humberto He seemed particularly upset by such a statement, and responded “We love England, and we love Ed Sheeran even more!” . But the songwriter continues to support his theory that the UK is hated because it always comes at the end.

    Continuing the interview, Ed Sheeran also spoke about his favorites this year, claiming that he greatly appreciated our interview. moon light, Icelandic actor Die frere and German Jendrick, which he was also complaining about. He spent several words agreeing to our representatives, review winners:

    “I think Italy has the best song and performance tonight, although Iceland was also an interesting proposition. But the Italians were very good and deserved to win.”

    Here you can find an excerpt from the interview with the Dutch talk show in which Eurovision was talked about:

    A proposal with a very interesting appeal, which could undoubtedly take the UK back to the top after many years (the last three podiums date back to 2002And the 1998 e 1997, the year of the last victory with Katrina and the waves), which somehow fulfills the “level” criteria proposed by the English critic Neil McCormick, as mentioned earlier.

    However, the problem with having such important actors in the music world is that you certainly don’t know how they can go, and also because the name “heaviness” has not always been synonymous with guaranteed success, an example blue In 2011 and Bonnie Tyler In 2013, eleventh and nineteenth respectively.

    What is certain is that after this year’s disastrous result in the United Kingdom, which for the first time since the introduction of the new voting system has not received any points either in the rankings or in television broadcasts, something appears to be moving the ground Queen Elizabeth, hoping that she will return The results are back to what they were until the nineties.

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