“I want to play the last years of my career in Argentina”


    Angel Di Maria He repeated his desire to end his career in his homeland, namely in Argentina. At the age of 34, also for this reason, he insisted on signing with Juventus For one season only, despite the Bianconeri pressed for two seasons. Il Fideo spoke exclusively to Sports Center on me ESPNwith a special focus on the United States Championship.

    Di Maria: “I love MLS, there are now many Europeans and South Americans”

    Judging MLS is positive: “I honestly love it. A lot of players come from Europe and South America and they give that extra touch to American football. It’s good that it’s growing, and that we see it more and more. In Argentina, for example, at first you didn’t see much, now you see a lot and you see matches.” The next day too, there are reports. This growth is important because it is another opportunity for players who want to go to the United States.”

    Official: Juventus terminated his contract with Ramsey

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    Official: Juventus terminated his contract with Ramsey

    Di Maria: “I never thought of going to play in Mls”

    Despite the fact that football players love KelliniAnd Bale, Insigne and Bernardeschi, Di Maria will not be seen in the future: “I don’t know, the truth is, it never occurred to me to go and play in the States”. Then the Argentine repeats: “I would always like to spend my final years in Argentina, where I came from, but you never know. There are still many older players who continue to provide quality for American football. Never say never, it might happen at some point, but my head now is not in the United States “.

    Di Maria on the Juve tour: “It was beautiful and important matches”

    In America, Juventus is preparing for the challenge Barcelona and Real Madrid: “They are good and important games, where you love to play and you try to show that you are at a good level. I think it is important that we are in good harmony, that we start getting to know each other little by little, and we can put on a beautiful display to show that we are building a great team and a great squad for the next season” .

    Juventus coach Allegri warms Barcelona muscles

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    Juventus coach Allegri warms Barcelona muscles

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