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    The 2022 NBA draft is getting closer and closer. On the night between Thursday, June 23 and Friday 24, the best colleges in the United States and the biggest prospects of international basketball will enter the Giants League. There is a player fighting for the first overall selection Paulo BancheroComing from an excellent antique from student To the Duke of Blue Demons and look, equal with Chet Holmgren by Gonzaga e Jabbari Smith Jr. By Auburn, one of the most exciting hikes for the entire class.

    Banchero, born in Seattle but to an Italian father, had been in possession of an Italian passport for a few years and a new CT Gianmarco Bosico He intends to meet with him to try to recruit him in light of the upcoming European Championship. In an interview with Sky SportsDuke’s producer confirmed his desire to wear blue: “I intend to come to Italy: I do not know when exactly, but I will come and I will be glad to be there. I still intend to play for the national team. I’m excited about the idea that my NBA career as well as international career is about to begin, and I’m happy about that“.

    When asked about his future, which will inevitably change this weekend due to the draft call, he does not hesitate to show all his enthusiasm for twenty years to complete:It was my long journey to get here, I worked so much to deserve it all. Being here waiting for the draft is fanciful, but at the same time realize that we are in the beginning and only then the real work begins.“.

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    Banchero does not express himself in the team in which he would prefer to be selected, even if in the past an interview appeared in which he did not express much sympathy for Oklahoma City Thunder, The team that “raped” Seattle from the NBA franchise: “I can’t give you a specific name, they would all be a great solution for me, every team has great qualities. I will be happy and excited no matter who chooses meAnd on the fact that if he feels the best of the draft, Paolo is sure: “I feel the best. There are many great possibilities to outline in this draft, but I feel I can prove my wall on every level: I know I have a lot of room for improvement.“.

    Photo: Duke Athletics

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