‘I quit Google, I’m worried’: ‘Father’ of AI quits | The project got out of hand

    ‘I quit Google, I’m worried’: ‘Father’ of AI quits |  The project got out of hand
    Quit Google to warn about the dangers of artificial intelligence – www.iPaddisti.it

    Not only that, the amazing innovation of artificial intelligence is bringing enormous benefits to the world of work, but many are still very much skeptical about its potential.

    People afraid of AI have long argued that it is only a matter of time before AI reaches and surpasses the human mind, but their often overlooked opinions are shaped when supported by real events.

    In literature and in movies, it has often been talked about how it worksArtificial intelligence applied to robots can vastly outperform a humanleading to events such as wars, annihilation and incredible battles.

    Isaac Asimov is a clear example that this topic has been at the center of attention since the 1940s, but its ideas have subsequently been taken up by many films over the years, first and foremost”I’m a robot”, a 2004 film with Will Smith as the hero, which highlights all the dangers of including intelligent robots in everyday life, which can turn from helpers into Weapons of mass destruction.

    Scenarios of this nature are often considered impossible, but when it is The father of AI Doubts begin to creep into everyone’s mind. Jeffrey Hintonwho is 75 years old, is considered the father of artificial intelligence, but his decision to leave Google has shaken everyone’s opinion.

    Artificial intelligence is out of control, here are all the risks

    After leaving his position as a relief from Google, Hinton said in a tweet that his selection was not accused of Google in any way, his current goal is to We talk about the dangers of artificial intelligence with complete freedom.

    Why is AI dangerous – www.iPaddisti.it (Source: freepik)

    According to Hinton, Google has always acted responsibly, and the real problem is that too soon Chatbots and artificial intelligence in general will be able to reach and exceed the level of information contained in the human brain. The work of a computer scientist at Google led to the creation of the artificial intelligence known today, but it seems that the tipping point has already been passed, especially given the capabilities of GPT-4.

    In fact, although these tools have not been specially developed yet, they are capable of implementing simple thinking, but what worries the world is the ease and speed with which this intelligence can advance, and thus we can soon witness a real reality. The emergence of smart robots.

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