“I left for the United States seven years ago, and now I work in the cinema: here two thousand dollars are enough for a feature film, in Italy at least 40 thousand”


    “on me United State If you want to share like standalone productYou do not need a large capital to start a film project. In Italy without pre-existing capital, except for the film budget, one cannot even ask for public money. This discourages many young people from taking risks.” Federica Pelletti31 years from the county I stopped to me New York He works as a film producer. Ilfattoquotidiano.it He recounted the stage leading up to his passing: He was among 24 students selected from around the world by the Big Apple University for a film production course. He had decided to raise the necessary funds online to pay the first year’s fee of more than 80,000 euros. “My dream is to be able to work on Italian projects as well. There is no shortage of stories to tell in our country, especially stories with a female perspective.” Published last year, along with other peers Anthology About the rebellious woman in her area entitled “More Rights for Evil Witches”.

    At the time of the interview, Federica was wrestling with two documentaries produced by the company where she is co-producer. At the same time it follows the possible qualification of Oscar From his ninth short film Ian. With the director Alies Slipper We won an important festival in new Zeland – He says – We qualified and now we have a chance to reach the nomination.” I’ve always enjoyed working as a producer for days Columbia UniversityWhere I graduated three years before the traditional. “My message becomes a short film, an allegory where people of different nationalities find themselves forced to share the same space during a storm in Athens.” RefugeThis is the acronym, as noted by the magazineNew Yorkerwho decided to publish it. “For me it was the culmination of a long career in which I cared so much.”

    “on me United State It is easier to do business. The difference with Italy is that here with 2000 dollarsYou can open a company to do a file Feature FilmIn Italy, you must have a company registered as Srl with 40 thousand euros From the issued capital”. For short films it drops to 10 thousand euros. “In the case of short films, for example, why create an additional barrier if you want to appear when there are already enough problems to solve to develop a film? The producer’s job is to discover the story, develop it with who will write the script, put together a team, find the workers who will give it tangible form, raise money to fund the production, and then make sure the film reaches the audience.”

    Having arrived from the Marche County to one of the capitals of world cinema, Federica wasted no time: “I started site managerfirst for a film written by Deborah Kampmeier produced by Veronica Nickelco-producer ofmoon lightfrom the director Barry Jenkins (Three Oscars in 2017 including Best Pictureso), then to the movieItalian Studiesfrom the director Adam Lyon. Later as co-producer of a TV series on Nuvolari and then again as site manager for a documentary, Dick Johnsonis Dead, which won two Emmy Awards. I worked as a production assistant at Counter Narrative Films production company headed by director JC Chandor and currently work for Film Manufacturs Inc.”

    “The product reflects my dual personality, pragmatic and artistic, and the idea of ​​creating a community around an experience that gives me happiness. It’s like building a team, strong players aren’t enough but the right companions – he says -. There are always challenges and I like to find creative ways to solve them.” There are also problems you have to live with if you are an immigrant. “There is a whole chain of visa bureaucracy, what you can do what you can’t do, if you don’t have itgreen cardor a visa for a specific jobThey don’t hire you. This is sometimes discouraged – she admits – but, as a good Italian, the skill of the art of tidying is always ingrained in her DNA! “.

    The idea of ​​Italy often comes back. “I love my land and I would like to be able to produce Marche stories as well. I miss the honesty and simplicity of encounters that can be made in our country. Here the way we communicate with people is different, it often happens that knowledge, especially in the world of cinema, is more an exchange of interests, and sometimes This makes relationships either superficial or less spontaneous. It’s not like that with everyone of course, but it happens a lot. However, the positive thing is that you work outside of any form of bias and with a great interest in underrepresented issues, and with that freedom you can experiment more easily.” The goal is to create a filework bridgebetween the two continents. “I am at the beginning of my career and I want to continue investing in what I started here in the United States without losing the international dimension that has characterized my work. New York is very multicultural, providing a space for collaboration with personalities from all over the world. In the long run, I want to produce In Italy, but at the moment I have no incentive to return permanently.”

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