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In the past few hours, he is. cell phone He again updated the information regarding Data breach Some clients participated with Illegal removal of some personal and technical data from the SIM card. The operator Almost hypothetical The mobile phone company insisted on confirming its position and the latest measures taken.

New information is in the section “latest news” Below on the official website of the operator and it is now Integrated regarding the issues of January 4 and 9, 2021More information.

This is a long FAQ card, which takes place again Part of the information already disclosed to customers Which is enriched by other considerations, new suggestions, and some clarifications.

After confirming that the data breach, the investigating authority was informed and the privacy guarantor, who was involved, was informed “Only the personal and technical data of the SIM card” So without putting forth traffic data in any form (SMS, phone calls, web activities and more) or banking data or data related to any payment system, he is. cell phone It clarified some of the users’ doubts about the measures that had been put in place.

First, to the question Why didn’t you apply for a position first? , I have. The mobile responded like this:

As soon as we became aware of a possible cyber attack, on December 28, 2020, we were informed that we had initiated investigations in cooperation with the investigative authorities. We have waited for the release of in-depth analyzes, which are still underway, in order to provide timely connections. From the first investigations, in fact, it becomes clear that some data of a part of the customer base was illegally stolen with reference only to the personal and technical data of the SIM card. No traffic data (phone calls, SMS, web activities, etc.) or bank data or data related to any payment system for their clients were stolen in any way. We have already filed a complaint with the investigation authority and have informed our privacy guarantor, with whom we have been working closely for days. We have also activated additional layers of security to protect our customers from potential fraud threats. Further measures are being implemented to protect stolen data, and customers will be informed. In short, we are doing our best to solve the situation.

Reaffirm that you are Committed to resolving the situation quickly, I have. Mobile also mentioned that it is being implemented Other measures to protect stolen data, Which will be delivered to customers in time.

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Furthermore it, I have. The mobile phone explicitly repeated that it had never blocked incoming and outgoing portability. In fact, the operator allows all of its customers to request portability of numbers, but in this regard, in the last few days, as mentioned earlier, they have been reported. Cases of delays in procedures.

Delays in MNP operations were towards other operators Up to 3 or 4 days more than the times usually expected by transportation requests, This is mainly due to the large volume of orders.

However, it now appears that the situation has returned to normal, even if some still complain about the lack of a successful relocation possibility to other operators.

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he is.  cell phone

Come Also reported by Iliad and Fastweb to AGCOMMoreover, after automatic serial SIM chain replacement, some customers have requested number portability but their new destination operator has yet to inform this practice. Mobile, had found a negative consequence of MNP specifically Discrepancy between new and previous ICCID sequences reported during the portability stage.

In this regard, the new information is who. cell phone (Here is the direct link) Also focus on measuring Automatic replacement of the series, justification for its use.

The Almost hypothetical Vodafone has actually claimed to have Re-create the SIM serial code for all concerned customers to reduce exchanges, Provide specific information via SMS.

Despite this, the customer can still request a SIM card replacement for free at authorized sales points:

“To reduce exchanges, we have re-created the SIM serial code for all concerned customers, who were notified via SMS and can request the new serial code at any time to be used in the event of changing the operator. This new code replaces the code printed on the SIM card, which is subject to Illegal activity, and therefore it will not have any value. If you still want to replace the SIM card, you can request it for free at our authorized sales points.

SIM card replacement at distributors is immediate and free, but in case the seller charges a fee, they have it. The mobile also calls in the new update to communicate with the company to refer to the store references.

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Obviously, those who decide not to replace the SIM will have to send an SMS to the number 3424072211 With text “TV series” From my SIM card. Mobile to know the required ICCI code in case of portability.

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Well in response to the question “I am a participating customer and have requested to switch to another operator these days. Have you changed the SIM serial code as well?” In his updated information I have. Mobile Male:

We excluded serial renewal clients who requested a change of trigger in the previous days, so there will be no slowdown in portability due to this change.

Finally, the operator enriches its information regarding Measures to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of Phishing attempts. To prevent computer fraud attempts, the operator recommends that you always check the reliability of the emails received, beware of those who have misspellings requesting the delivery of personal and confidential data, and always check the reliability of the messages that invite you to respond urgently.

Moreover, it is suggested that you do not save access data in browsers or apps and always disconnect from the site after making a payment, and avoid clicking on links, SMS or banners, or downloading attachments provided by unknown senders.

Finally, I have it. Mobile calls customers to Report misleading phone calls Made with numbers that cannot be returned to operator customer service.

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