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“I don’t want to sit next to a woman,” passenger forced to change seats: Now EasyJet will have to make up


a Transient From a trip EasyJet, Forced to Change location For another passenger’s request, he will be compensated by the airline, which has admitted violating its own policies. A case that raised a lot of discussion, namely the case of the passenger who was forced to move after her neighbor complained to the flight attendants:I don’t want to sit next to a woman».

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As reported by The Guardian, The passenger who is entitled to compensation is a dual national, British and Israeli woman, who lives in Tel Aviv. Melanie WolfsonAfter he denounced what happened at the end of 2019, he filed a lawsuit against him EasyJet. The passenger who refused to sit next to her is an Orthodox Jew who justified his request by his religious beliefs. The man had asked Melanie to change seats with another passenger, then faced the woman’s refusal and complaints from the flight attendant.

The same incident repeated a few months later, always on a flight EasyJet From Tel Aviv to London. Once again, an ultra-Orthodox asked her to leave, then insulted and insulted her on the first refusal. Ultimately, for fear of quitting late, Melanie Wolfson He had decided to change his seat, but until then protested in front of the flight attendants, without receiving any support. Hence a legal battle with EasyJetSince Melanie’s airline has violated Israeli law, which punishes discrimination against customers on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

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The case was resolved with an admission of guilt before EasyJet. “We are fully aware that some men are uncomfortable when sitting next to a woman who is not a member of the family, due to their religious beliefs” – clarifies the airline in a note – “However, our policies require FFS passengers not to change places just because of the fact that they are women. These policies have been violated and we are ready to compensate the passenger, as well as improve our policies and enforce them through additional training for our crew. ” In the end, EasyJet will return Melanie Wolfson 66,438 shekels, just under 18,000 euros.

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