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“I am not surprised but I would like to know by whom” – Corriere.it

“I am not surprised but I would like to know by whom” - Corriere.it
From Stefano Montefiore

The former prime minister may have been a target of the Moroccan intelligence services

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Paris –
I am neither surprised nor worried. I thanked my reporter Washington Post who warned me, I don’t know why they tried to spy on me. I would like to know on behalf of who’” says Romano Prodi, former president of the Italian Council and the European Commission. His mobile phone may have been a target of Moroccan intelligence services because in 2012 Prodi was a special envoy of the United Nations in the Sahel region. But uncertainty about authors and motives is one of the key elements of Caso Pegasus.

The program has been developed From the Israeli company NSO Group Suspected of using it for years Not only in the context of the fight against terrorism, but also for illegal purposes such as Control of political opponents and human rights activistsنشطlawyers, journalists and political leaders. The revelations since Monday evening, published by the non-profit group Forbidden Stories and by sixteen international media outlets, seem to confirm these suspicions and point to Extensive spy systemfor more than fifty thousand people. Not all phone numbers on Forbidden Stories lists have actually been hacked. But it was certainly identified by countries using the Pegasus software, and considered interesting for immediate or future espionage.

The most active countries are Mexico and Morocco, which would have tried (possibly successfully) to get the iPhone data By French President Emmanuel Macron and his government. Yesterday, three days after the first revelations, the North African country stepped in. The government granted the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal in Rabat Open an investigation against the banned storiesHe accused the media of “completely false and baseless” accusations and “harming the national public authorities and harming the higher interests of the Kingdom of Morocco.”

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It seems that an international legal battle has begun, because the day before they had submitted Two French journalists have been reported to the Paris Public Prosecutor’s OfficeFounder of the electronic newspaper Mediapart And the correspondent of the same newspaper, Lenaig Bredoux, in turn spied on Morocco because of his contact with groups of opponents of the Rabat regime. Politicians of all political persuasions file complaints: Yesterday they did the deputy close to MacronCedric Villani, as well as Adrien Quatainens of the opposition left-wing party La France Insoumise: “Through me, it is all the activity of our movement and its parliamentary group that is potentially infringed.”

“We are following the matter closely, given the potential severity,” Prime Minister Jan Castix said yesterday, adding that “The president ordered a series of checks and inquiries.”. The Pegasus program has been the subject of investigations and controversies since 2016, after the alert launched by the Emirati dissident, Ahmed Mansour, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The novelty in this chain of discovery is the systematic and widespread nature of espionage activity.

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