Hybrid solar eclipse, date of April 20, 2023: What it is and how to see it

    Hybrid solar eclipse, date of April 20, 2023: What it is and how to see it

    Sydney, 18th April 2023 – It is such a rare astronomical phenomenon, that it will happen only 7 times this century. he is called Hybrid solar eclipse. Hybrid because it starts as a ring finger, then becomes whole until it’s a ring finger again. A heavenly display that, unfortunately, will be impossible to see on our side of the globe. The appointment is in April 20th, in Australia. However, thanks to the live broadcast, no one will have to miss it.

    What is a hybrid eclipse

    A hybrid solar eclipse occurs when the resultant between the Moon’s orbit and Earth’s rotation causes the Moon’s apparent angular diameter to be large enough to completely cover the Sun’s disk at the height of the eclipse. The rarity of the phenomenon, then, lies in the fact that the shadow of the moon does not touch the curved surface of the earth at its extreme points, that is, the sunrise and sunset. As a result, an annular eclipse will form at sunrise, then a total annular eclipse and another at sunset. On the other hand, the regions of the Earth located along the line of the Sun and the Moon see the total eclipse.

    Where and how to see it

    It happened April 20, 2023 – One of 7 hybrid eclipses out of a total of 224 solar eclipses in the 21st century – unfortunately it will not be visible from Italy. This phenomenon will particularly affectAustralia , Particularly the Exmouth area and Barrow Island, but also East Timor And Indonesia. After that, everything will depend on the exact location of the observer. Residents of Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, will witness the deepest partial eclipse on record with 85% of the Sun’s diameter hidden behind the Moon, while in Hobart, across the country, it’s barely 13%. In any case, no one should miss this unique experience, as the event will be broadcasted Live broadcast on Youtube all over the world. Although in Italy it is recommended above all for early risers: it will start at 12:00 3.44 Italian with a partial eclipse, which will later become a hybrid starting from 4.37; in 7.56 The second partial eclipse will begin and everything will end a little earlier 9.

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