Hulkenberg stops with problems at MGU-K in Australia, Ferrari engine ultimatum?

    Hulkenberg stops with problems at MGU-K in Australia, Ferrari engine ultimatum?

    F1 | Hulkenberg stops with problems at MGU-K in Australia, Ferrari engine ultimatum?

    After analyzing Hulkenberg’s car, Haas found problems with the Ferrari engine’s MGU-K. Alarm for Maranello power units?

    In the general confusion that characterized the Australian Grand Prix, little was said of what happened at the end of the race. In fact, as soon as he crossed the finish line, Nico Hulkenberg had to park his car on the side of the track.

    Ferrari engine problems
    Haas had problems with Hulkenberg’s Ferrari engine after the Melbourne Grand Prix – Image: Unknown

    At first the most widely adopted hypothesis was that of fuel shortage. This possibility was later ruled out because the Haas driver was not disqualified from the race as required by the regulations in this case.

    Subsequent examinations by the US team revealed problems with the MGU-K From the Ferrari engine installed in the German driver’s car. “For a moment I no longer had strength. I was also having trouble shifting gearsNico Hulkenberg himself said. “After that, the team told me to stop and park the car on the side of the track.”.

    Also last year, the team led by Gunther Steiner had to deal with this kind of problem on several occasions. It happened, for example, in Canada where Mick Schumacher was forced to retire on the 20th lap.

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    From this point of view, the question remains whether The problem Hulkenberg encountered may or may not be a wake-up call for those Ferrari-powered ones. Both the works crew and Cavallino’s team have replaced several power unit components. As directly stated by the participants, it will be a matter of purely precautionary choices to be included in the seasonal rotation.

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