Huge profits for banks, CEO salary up to 86 workers – last hour

    Huge profits for banks, CEO salary up to 86 workers – last hour

    (ANSA) – Rome, May 06 – Bankers earn very high salaries, which is on average 86 times the salary of an employee in this sector. The number of highly paid shareholders is over $10.5 billion, due to the significant rise in profitability recorded in the past two years. Ongoing and inevitable desertification in terms of work, with shrinkage of branches (-3.6%) and bank employees (-4.3%).

    That’s, in a nutshell, what emerges from a report by the National Fisac ​​CGIL Research Office on the 2022 budget results of the 7 largest national banking groups which leads category general secretary, Susie Esposito, to say: “Last year was a record year for earnings, dividends and directors’ salaries. It’s time Act now: With the renewal of the contract, a vigorous redistribution process is needed in favor of male and female workers. All while there is a gradual increase in ECB rates which generates new profits for the credit institutions.”

    The report confirms how the net profit of these seven groups in 2022 amounted to 13.33 billion, an increase of 60.5% compared to 2021. In this context, more than 5.7 billion euros will be distributed to shareholders, an increase of more than 1 billion euros compared to 2021 (+ 23.2% ). (handle).

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