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How to store garlic, potatoes and onions

How to store garlic, potatoes and onions

Correct ways of how to store potatoes, garlic and onions. Simple tricks with a guaranteed result to reach the goal.

How to store garlic, potatoes and onions
Tips on how to store potato, garlic, and onion images from the web

How to store garlic, potatoes and onions. These are three basic ingredients without which the kitchen will definitely not be the same. What a luck for those who have a vegetable garden to grow at home. Even if they are, in any case, products from the earth that are good and indispensable because they are cheap and widespread. We must always pay great attention to how we store potatoes, garlic and onions.

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However, they are also natural foods that are easily spoiled. One of the best places to store them is the basement, as long as it is not exposed to moisture. Generally required dry, clean and shady place. With regard to potatoes, the best way to keep them aside and use a little each time over time is to put them in a box covered with a clean piece of cloth. It’s always clear out of the light. This prevents the annoying phenomenon that leads them to germinate and turn green or the appearance of spots on the skin. At the time of purchase, it is always best to take home an in excess, to reduce the possibility of spoilage of some potatoes. As an ideal temperature, the top will be an environment of about 10 degrees, which will ensure 2 months preservation.

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How to store potatoes, garlic and onions, the right tips to avoid mistakes

And even if we had no way to use a basement or the like, we were still looking for a part of the house that was protected from the sun’s rays and not lit. We repeat again that the ideal situation is to put it in a wooden or plastic box with one or more clean dry cloths to tie everything together. Newspaper sheets are also good. One thing not to do is rinse them under running water before storing them. We only have to clean it when it is time to cook it. Fresh onions can be preserved the same way, or even by placing them in bamboo baskets lined with a piece of cloth or paper. Or we can put them in baking bags, always in paper. Before storing the onions, it will take a short time to dry them.

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How to get started on the onion

In any case, be careful not to expose it to moisture. Onions can also be placed in the fridge for a few days, in the tray intended for fruits and vegetables. One literal preservation method for young onions is to boil them and mix them with white wine, and add vinegar and a pinch of salt. Then we can keep it in oil in airtight glass containers. In this way, preservation can last up to one year.

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The same indications apply to garlic

Finally, the same rules apply to garlic as well: its temperature is about 10 degrees, away from light, in paper bags. However, every now and then you will have to let him breathe, as well as to avoid high humidity. Opened garlic can be stored in the refrigerator once peeled, chopped, or even in the freezer. In the latter case the overcrowding can last for several months. Or, in the kitchen, we can keep them in a bowl with a lid, for a week at the most.

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