How to show last access on Whatsapp to whoever you want only

    How to show last access on Whatsapp to whoever you want only

    Here comes a convenient and practical feature to protect our privacy: How to show the last access of Whatsapp to whom we want to do it.

    How to see the last login of Whatsapp
    How to see the latest access to Whatsapp Photos from the web

    How to see the last login of Whatsapp, a very simple thing that each of us can do with our smartphone. You just have to open the respective app, which is the most popular in the world regarding exchange of messages and real-time audio and video content, and that’s it.

    There are the states that mark each account, as well as the blue ticks at the bottom of each message received that are clear indications of what our immediate presence is. But in addition to how to see the latest arrival in Whatsapp, we can also do more.

    For example, just the opposite: we can hide our last access from some of our specified contacts. The app which is part of the large extended Meta family, along with Facebook and Instagram, offers this opportunity after the latest beta update.

    How to see the last login of Whatsapp

    Pictures from the web

    From the beta version specifically, new features are being tested which most of the time ends up being legitimized and made available to a large number of users across the world. And to make sure we only share our latest online status with whomever we want, just do the following.

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    This is possible both in the Android smartphone version and for those using the iOS operating system, even if, as mentioned, at the moment it is still limited to users of beta versions. But the process is useful when it is distributed to everyone, probably within a few months.

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    Utilization Beta version of WhatsApp We must follow this path:

    • settings;
    • the account;
    • Privacy;
    • last accessed path;
    • My contacts except…;

    Going to this last item, we will be able to choose the contacts in our address book that we want to exclude from being able to show when they were last We opened WhatsApp.

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