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How to recover corrupted photo


Photos are more essential and precious memories that you can’t easily go off. Some of them may get shocked after realizing that the images have gone corrupt. Many users will show their effort to recover corrupted photo or images. A few of the like virus infection corrupting the storage media, abrupt power loss during file transfer, broken header, etc. There are numerous reasons available for the broken or damaged JPG image files. But still, you can follow different methods to repair or recover corrupted photo (JPEG or JPG) files.

Recover Deleted Images from External Hard Drive

Recoverit Photo Data Recovery is one of the most popular recovery tools for any external hard drive. It is useful for your formatted, lost, or deleted, audios, videos, photos, and even other media files. This photo recovery tool will recover videos & photos securely and as well as safely. Users can recover the images from pen drives, USB flash drives, SSDs, or any other external hard drives. It is compatible and supports songs, movies, and digital image recovery process from your external hard drive.

It works on numerous brands such as Toshiba, Seagate, WD, Transcend, Lecia, SanDisk, and many more. Sometimes your external hard drive might be not formatted, crashed, damaged, unallocated, or detected. In this case, you can utilize the Recoverit Recovery tool to recover your audios, videos, and corrupted photos without harm.

Recover or Restore Lost Media Files from your System or Computer

Recoverit Photo Recovery tool will assist to recover or restore the various file formats. It is possible to get audios or videos, photoshop files, and images from any external devices or computer hard drives. The video & photo recovery application will work with both Mac and Windows computers. From the various file systems, you can retrieve the deleted audios, videos, and photos.

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A few of them like the RAW file system, APFS, HESPlus, HFS, ReFS, NTFS, FAT32, FAT file system, etc. Irrespective of file storage on your computer, the recovery tool can recover corrupted photo or images from your system. It can scan the SSD (Solid-state drive), trash, recycle bin, computer HDD (Hard drive disk), and so on.

Recover or Restore Lost Media Files from your SD Memory Card

SD cards are universal across numerous electronic devices such as Android phones and cameras. Recoverit Photo Recovery tool will assist you to recover corrupted photo or deleted media files efficiently & effectively.The SD Card Data recovery software will assist to restore the deleted or corrupted videos & photos from any memory card type.

Some of them like an xD-Picture card, SmartMedia, MMC, CF Card, SD Card, Micro SD Card, etc. Without any hassle, you can utilize the Android Data Photo recovery application on models & brands. It supports Android phones such as Nexus, Motorola, HTC, Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, and many more.

Recover Videos & Photos from your Camera Memory Card

All videos and photos shot through digital cameras are important in your life for every precious moment. However, Recoverit Photo Recovery software will assist to protect and recover corrupted photo or images. You can refer to the website https://toolbox.iskysoft.com/photo-recovery/corrupted-photo-recovery.html to know its importance. The camera photo data recovery software will support video & photo recovery from numerous brands of digital cameras.

A few of them like Pentax, Panasonic, Sony, Fuji, Nikon, Canon, and many others. They can also recover deleted videos & photos from instant camera SD cards and Drone cameras. Some of them are Polaroid cameras, Fuji Instax Square, GoPro Drone, DJI Drone, etc.

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Repair or Recover Corrupted Photo with Command Prompt

It is also possible to repair or recover corrupted photo (JPG files) using the CMD (command prompt). This method will assist to fix or resolve the JPG files minor corruptions. Follow a simple process to resolve this issue:

  • Access the Windows Start icon on your computer
  • Type the keyword “CMD” and search for the same
  • Right-click on the Command Prompt application and choose the option “Run as Administrator”
  • On the existing black window, type the command as sfc/scan now and press the Enter key
  • It will take a few minutes for the scanning process to repair or recover corrupted photo in your system
  • After completing the process, reboot your system

Renaming the JPEG Files

Renaming the corrupted JPG files without modifying the file extension (.jpg) is another simple method to follow. Just save the photo file using a new name and then try to access the file.

Restoring images from Backup

During the data loss, the backup feature is one of the most important factors to assist. It is possible to retrieve corrupted photo (broken JPG files) using the available backup folder from the cloud storage or external drive.

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