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How to read a deleted WhatsApp message from a friend? Quick trick

How to read a deleted WhatsApp message from a friend?  Quick trick

Want to read a deleted WhatsApp message from a friend? Here’s the super quick trick, it always works

WhatsApp It is still considered the most used messaging platform in the world today. Since its founding in 2009, the work done by the developer team has made it possible to create an increasingly complete and feature-rich service. You can exchange text messages, multimedia content, voice notes, GIFs, and stickers, as well as make video calls and video calls. Everything is always at hand, that’s all Create a free account linked to your number And that’s it.

With this trick, you can read deleted messages on WhatsApp
How to read deleted messages on Whatsapp – Ilovetrading.it

Among the most loved and used features of all, there is potential Delete sent messages. Just click on it and then hit Delete for Everyone. So no one will know what you sent by mistake. Or maybe not! Actually, there is an ingenious trick Which will allow you to instantly know what the other person has sent you, even if they have already deleted everything.

Read deleted messages on Whatsapp, the genius trick

Did you know that on WhatsApp there is a crazy trick to read the messages sent by your friends Did they send you and then delete? Unlike other guides, this time you won’t even need potentially dangerous third-party apps to link your personal accounts with it. Everything is done from the phone, you just need to install the Android operating system.

Steps required to read deleted messages on WhatsApp
With Android, you can read deleted messages on WhatsApp – Ilovetrading.it

First, you have to enter settings From the phone then scroll down to the Notifications section. Here you should find the item Advanced settings, open it and select Notification date. Activate the option and you’re done. Now any notifications received on your device will remain saved. Even those related to messages that are then deleted by other people on the platform.

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You can try it now. Send yourself a message on your profile and then delete it. In chat you will find the classic wording “Message deleted” above the speech bubble. Now go to Settings, notifications, advanced settings, and notification history. All alerts you have received in the past few minutes will appear.

And if everything goes as planned and you follow the various pointers, you will see WhatsApp will say. Open it and there will be all the notifications sent by the platform and linked to the messages received. Including deleted! Nothing could be simpler, this way your friends will have no more secrets and every message received will always be visible.

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