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How to grow delicious blue fruit flavored with vanilla ice cream at home

How to grow delicious blue fruit flavored with vanilla ice cream at home

It looks like it came out of a fairy tale or a cartoon, so creative that it suggests elaborate but non-existent graphic work which is a type of banana specifically, the blue banana. As if that wasn’t enough, the completely unusual color is associated with a very sweet and distinct flavor. It is difficult if not impossible to find in supermarkets, but it is very easy to get seeds and learn how to grow delicious blue fruit flavored with vanilla ice cream at home.

Blue Java bananas, a delicious fruit to discover

Blue Java Banana is a wonderful fruit flavored with vanilla ice cream. Its flesh has a velvety and creamy texture just like the texture of ice cream, an ode to the senses, and an intense vanilla flavor and aroma. It comes from the countries of Central America, but it can also be found in Southeast Asia, in Hawaii or in Fiji Islands. It is a plant that can reach 4 to 6 meters in height.

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We can rest assured that it is not the result of some strange genetic experiments, it is a mixture of two types of bananas that are native to Southeast Asia, namely Musa balisiana and Musa acuminata. Its fruits, and bananas in fact, when still unripe, have a nice blue rind. On the other hand, when they reach proper maturity they become a pale yellow color. This plant can tolerate even the coldest temperatures and is easy to grow, so let’s find out how to do it.

How to grow delicious blue fruit flavored with vanilla ice cream at home

With so few euros to browse through the various e-commerce, the seeds will be easy to find and plant. So easy to grow Java Blue in 9 months will give you great satisfaction. Once we have the seeds, we will have to put them in a glass of water, where we will leave them for about ten days. This way the covering film will soften and allow the roots to come out.

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After this time, we can prepare to transfer the seeds to the pots. We will need to get a pot that is about 10 cm wide and about 10 cm high. Inside we will lay a base of expanded clay 2 cm long, and then fill it with a mixture of 70% peat and 30% of river sand. At this point, we will make a hole in the center about 2 cm deep and place the banana seed with tongs. We will cover it with earth and using the sprayer we will spray the soil with water, making it soak.

We will then seal the jar in a plastic food bag and seal it tightly. We’ll be moving everything to a place in the house where the plant can take in a lot of light but without exposing it directly to the sun. In fact, there would be a risk of increasing the temperature in the bag too much by “cooking” the plant. In order for us to see it appear, that is, after two months, it will not need watering. When the buds are born, it will be necessary to free the container from the plastic bag and water it every time we feel the soil is dry.

some advices

Warning! Until it reaches a height of at least 30 cm, it is not recommended to expose it to direct sunlight. So she will have to stay in a well-lit but sheltered place because it hates the air currents. It can be moved to the garden only in places that are not exposed to frost. In the latter case, it is better to keep it in a pot and move it to an indoor place with the first cold temperatures. It will take about 3 years for the plant to become an adult and only at this stage will it begin to produce its delicious fruits.

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If the reader is curious about discovering other specific plants, he can click on them Link.

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