How to get visits and exams on time: waiting lists in the post-pandemic period

    How to get visits and exams on time: waiting lists in the post-pandemic period

    The most difficult challenge for a public and comprehensive health system like the Italian one, which must ensure equitable access to services for all citizens, is to be able to Carry out diagnoses and treatments within the maximum periods established by national legislation In order not to compromise the expectations and quality of life of patients. What each of us can do to contribute to the smooth running of health services is Know your rights and learn how to make good use of the services. The first thing to know is that arrival times are determined by priority class Assigned by the GP at the time of the prescription. This priority category is valid “only for the first visits and for the tests that are used to diagnose a health problem that is not yet known, while all those aimed at subsequent examination are determined by the specialist, in which case it is directly up to him to prescribe and book the appointment without the patient having to to refer to the family doctor and the cup (individual reservation center, so) “Shows Mariangela Galant, responsible for queues and reservation systems for Abruzzo ASL 2. But this is not always the case. “In about half of the cases, the specialist will refer the patient to me,” he says. Bina OnotriHe is a family physician in Rome and Secretary-General of the Italian Medical Association. Alessandro PolitiMilan Provincial Secretary of the Italian Society of General Medicine (Simg), certifies: “The examination is administered by a specialist in 90% of cases in public structures and only 50% in approved special cases.”

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