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How to drive in a roundabout: who has the right of way

Come guidare in una rotonda: chi ha la precedenza

We all know the roundabouts that we encounter on a daily basis in whatever country or city we live, work or travel in. Kilometers, divided and even smart, there are all kinds of rotors around the world. They have one thing in common, and that is The suspicions they generate for drivers When they have to face them.

According to a study prepared by Axa in Spain, Two out of three drivers do not know how to drive properly In vertigo. So let’s see a handy guide he wrote seat To drive safely in a roundabout, Avoid dangerous accidents. Tips:

  • Slower Entering the vertigo. According to Axa, 54% of spin accidents happen on entry. First recommendation Therefore, it is moderate in speed.
  • Give the priority For those who are already wandering around in the roundabout, this is the second golden rule. Only in the absence of a specific indication to give precedence does the right return to those who enter. If you are not sure that you have enough time to safely enter, it is better to wait until the maneuver becomes possible without risk;
  • In multi-path vanes, Circular farthest, To avoid having to change lanes and thus face safe exit maneuvers. However, if you have to turn left or a “U”, the rotor must be covered as if it were a left turn, taking the inside lane. Before exiting the roundabout, remember the correct direction indicator to move safely in the outside lane, without blocking the way to other vehicles;
  • If this vehicle is occupied at the time of the lane change, this is recommended take back Vertigo, so that you can safely move right to exit;
  • Always use trend indicators correctly, Activation depends on which path the vehicle intends to travel. If you need to turn right or continue straight, activate the right pointer, as well as the entry and initial distance in the left lane, to change lanes in the roundabout and move outside to prepare for the exit. No indicator at the entrance to the rotor must be activated or lane marking. If you are using the rotor to turn left or turn back, you must activate the left arrow and keep it active until you are driving in the left (middle) lane of the rotor. Before going out, put the arrow to the right;
  • frequently In roundabouts (where a dangerous ‘ice effect’ can also occur) Incorrect behavior of other users makes drivers “jittery,” but remember to stay calm and not use trumpetThey are legal and exclusive in the case when it is necessary to warn of imminent danger of an accident.
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