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How to check if the TV is compatible


Digital Terrestrial shutdown countdown set to standard DVB-T2. How to check if your TV is compatible

Digital Terrestrial Prepares for Revolution: Closing Soon (Pixabay)

As it was already announced months ago, between 2021 and 2022 there will be a real revolution in terms of DTT. with off switch DVB-T2 StandardAll channels will be available in high definition and the view will be wider than ever. A step forward is long overdue, but it has some drawbacks: it will be necessary to have a file TV or the latest generation of Tivùsat decoders.

Therefore, for many older devices, it will not be possible to continue broadcasting until the free TV show. The government launched TV bonus, to facilitate change with a discount of €100 at the time of purchase (no longer ISEE limits). Meanwhile, here’s how To check if your TV is compatible.

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Digital Terrestrial, how to check if your TV is compatible

Here’s how to take the test right away (Pixabay)

From September 1, 2021 DTT It will switch to HD, and by June 2022 it will be switching Turn off DVB-T2 It will be complete. To check if your TV is compatible, there is a simple test that can be done in seconds. Just set one of the already active channels – Available at 100 or 200 – With HD transmission only. If at least one of them appears, this means that the device is ready to accept the new cloning standard. If not, you will need a file set-top box or the latest TV.

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If you have recently purchased a device, you can rest assured: all purchased devices start Starting with compatible cones in December 2018. Moreover, if you are a Sky satellite Pay TV subscriber, you can order Sky Q Box-Compatible for managing FTA channels (ie unencrypted).

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