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How to check allowed folders

How to check allowed folders

Extracts of debts up to 5,000 euros Also for financial peace: to check the included volumes, a new service arrives dedicated to those recognized for clearance, balance and extracts from the Revenue Agency.

Write off debts of up to 5,000 euros also for financial peace.

Loads included in III scraped the balance and excerpts from folders They are among those who have been accepted into automatic excerpt expected from Support Decree n. 41/2021.

The task of taxpayers who pay the installments related to the concessional settlement is: to check Whether the canceled debts are among the debts that will be automatically written off.

A tal fine, l’revenue collection agency It has provided a new service, useful for checking the possibility of returning to extracts from volumes that have been accepted in financial soundness.

Excerpts from debts up to 5,000 euros also for financial peace: how to check accepted volumes

Write-off of debts of up to 5,000 euros related to 2000-2010 Also includes those that are paid for with a plan easy definition. It is in detail the folders that have been accepted in financial peace, Which Third cancel and the Balance and extracts.

In detail, the text of the decree of Sostegni, al Paragraph 4 of Article 4, including automatic excerpt Creditors for a residual amount not exceeding 5,000 EUR, including capital, interest for late registration in the course and penalties included in the concessional tariffs provided:

The scope of the extracts from the volumes is wide but, in any case, limited to taxpayers with Income in 2019 does not exceed 30 thousand euros, which is a limit that applies singly to natural and unnatural persons.

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These are the parameters of the scale, which we are still waiting for Implementation of the decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

It is also in the light Delaying the ministerial decisionThe deadlines related to financial safety that were not extended by Decree-Law No. 99/2021, made available by the Revenue Collection Agency to taxpayers a Service to check permissible loads To perform an automatic withdrawal.

On the AdER portal it’s possible to make sure If in the payment plan for scrapping, balance and extracts from folders are present Cancellable debts, but exclusively for taxpayers in good standing with installments due in 2019.

In the designated section, it is required to enter the taxpayer’s tax code, the contact number received from the Revenue Agency and the relevant date, and the reference email.

AdER will then execute Check Documents Included in Tax Peace, Files, and Notices, to locate Any permitted loads to the excerpt.

There are two types of i Requirements to be respected:

  • The commissioning date The collection agent must be between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020;
  • toTraumatic disorders Calculated as of March 23, 2021 Do not exceed 5000 Euro.

Write-off of debts of up to 5,000 euros also for financial peace, and AdER service only for those who are up to date with installments due in 2019

Verification of the possibility of automatic write-off of debts applies to the loads included in the financial scale provided that المالي To date with installments due in 2019.

For both scrapping and for balance and removal of volumes, non-payment of installments by 9 December 2019 resulted in the forfeiture of the concessional plan.

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The AdER veto However, it seems to be the demolition of financial peace Limited to use of the service only Verify accepted debts for automatic write-off.

There is no express exception to canceling loads The remaining amounts amount to 5,000 euros for those who missed the deadlines for clearance, balance and extracts in 2019, although it should be noted that we are awaiting the decision of the Ministry of Economy for a more precise definition of the debt included in the procedure.

Extracts from invoices for outstanding payments of debts up to 5,000 euros

Return to verification procedures if present Loads likely to be affected From automatic cancellation, it will be possible Print the necessary forms for every Pay the installments that are still due, calculated net of the amounts related to the accounts payable subject to cancellation.

However, the green light from the Revenue Agency is not necessary: ​​before proceeding with the payment of the recalculated premium, it will be The taxpayer is responsible for ensuring that he receives an income not exceeding 30 thousand euros 30 For the tax period in progress as on December 31, 2019.

In this case, until the date to be determined by decree of the Ministry of Economy is Collection of all debts with a residual amount of €5,000 has been suspended Effective March 23, 2021, including principal and interest on late registration in the course and penalties for individual fees charged to collection agents from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2010.

In parallel, the statute of limitations has been suspended.

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Therefore, only the last step is missing to start debt cancellation: MEF . Decree It was expected by June 20, 2021 but as of now, there is no news.

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