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How to Beat Stress in 24 Hours Using the ABC Method and Get Instant Serenity

How to Beat Stress in 24 Hours Using the ABC Method and Get Instant Serenity

Our life is a series of commitments. From the morning when we wake up until the time we go to bed, we are faced with many activities that require more or less. But no matter how fast you run sometimes, you don’t have time to do everything. Setbacks and unexpected events always come at the worst of times.

The number one secret to efficiently managing our commitments and being able to do it all

One of the causes of stress is the lack of control over the things that happen around us. When we fail to do all the anxiety attacks us. Lack of control increases excitement but there is a solution. It is possible to effectively manage many obligations and deal with any unforeseen events, in order to reduce anxiety and stress. And therefore.

Lack of planning is the number one problem for those who find it difficult to carry out all their commitments. We often blame the weather and like 48 hours a day. In fact, the first secret is to be able to schedule events according to the available daily time. We can’t unload a truck full of boxes at once. You cannot take all the chests at once, you have to empty one chest at a time. And doing this takes time, and one hour is not enough. If we plan to download everything in an hour, we will fail and anxiety and stress will attack us. Time management is key and in this article we suggest how to do it effectively and understand The secret on how to anticipate the unexpected and have more time.

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How to Beat Stress in 24 Hours Using the ABC Method and Get Instant Serenity

Knowing what can and cannot be done in the time available means planning. Since we have limited time, it is necessary to understand which tasks should be done first and which should be left. Basically, it’s about giving each task a level of importance and urgency, and then setting priorities. All things that need to be done can be classified according to these four criteria: urgent and important (criterion A). Not urgent but important (Criterion B). Urgent but not important (Criterion C). Not urgent and not important (Criterion D).

We write all the things that need to be done (classic list work) Each task was included in one of the four criteria. Those that meet Criterion D will be ignored. Let’s forget them. Those that need to be done immediately are the tasks that fall under Criterion A. Those that fall into Criterion B are activities that must be carefully planned. The tasks that fall under Standard C are tasks that must be delegated.

Another tip is to determine the time it will take to complete the task, so that you can accurately plan when to do it.

This way we will always have everything we need to do under control. Here’s how to beat stress in 24 hours with the ABC method and gain instant serenity.

Thanks to this method, we will remove most of the activities of Criterion A, both urgent and important. They are the most tense. So we will eliminate a lot of agitation and anxiety in doing things, because we have already planned for them.

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