How much are these 20 pounds from 1988 worth? Here is the answer

    How much are these 20 pounds from 1988 worth?  Here is the answer

    Within the panorama of Italian numismatics, among the most sought-after coins of all time, we have one that marked the history of our country: we are referring to the 20 lire coin, certainly one of the most widespread and collected by the representatives of the sector. Its origins date back to 1861, in the State Mint in Turin, but, specifically, we’re trying to see if it could have some noteworthy value.

    At that time, a disproportionate amount of this particular object was minted, and for this reason, it should also be noted that there are different types of this object with different aesthetic and physical characteristics. At this point, among the most famous genres that fall into this category, those produced during the reigns of Vittorio Emanuele II and Umberto I jump to our eyes, but before proceeding recklessly with the question, it is appropriate to talk about the different pieces that exist following a definite order in the period of issue , to discover the value of each of them above all.

    Here are the most expensive and famous 20 lira coins

    20 gold lire for Vittorio Emanuele II, in various issues of the Italian state, was produced from 1861 (the date of the formation of the Kingdom of Italy) to 1870. As already expected, the first coinage was in Turin, in connection with The first 3427 samples Subsequently, its production was also expanded to the cities of Rome and Milan. In the front part we find the face of the Sovereign represented, while in the opposite part there is the Savoy coat of arms around which are the words “Kingdom of Italy”“. For these reasons a piece is of immense historical value, and particularly that made of gold, if it offered such commendable aesthetic purity (in the absence of circulation for it) it would be worth at least between 700 and 1000 €.

    The Umberto I 20 lire, also known as the “Marengo di Umberto Primo,” is another priceless piece, apparently also made of gold. We certainly find the King depicted there, while as to the production of the piece, this occurred from 1879 to 1897; The current value of this coin would be very interesting because, if we take as an example one in the case of the FDC (uncirculated), it would have a value of 250 euros. In addition there are still more great editions, the 1883 edition at 3000 if in perfect condition.

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