How is the mechanism and payments changing

    How is the mechanism and payments changing

    change the lottery receipt. The government is preparing to amend Awards and the extraction For citizens wishing to participate in the application lottery. A decision also dictated by what is defined as a real flop to the measure that was introduced at the beginning of 2021.

    The CGIA of Mestre, in particular, believes that the receipt lottery has failed in its main objective, which is Fighting tax evasionNot by requiring merchants to install POS and issue more tax receipts.

    Interest in the lottery was lower than expected, as the data about Citizen participation: In March 2021, one month after submission, a peak of 25,000 lottery-related receipts was reached. Then it gradually decreased, reaching an average just below that 5,000 monthly receipts in the fall.

    The main problem seems to be related to mechanism: Its complexity excludes above all those who are not used to using technological tools such as apps, phones and credit cards. This is why the government is ready for this Changing the way the lottery works.

    New voucher lottery

    The government is trying again and wants it Re-launch lottery considerationAs Undersecretary for the Economy Federico Freni explains:It is an already written and agreed standard“, confirms. There are no political problems and will be included in one of the following, perhaps in the simplification dl.

    Change the lottery receipt It was already announced by the Pnrr Decree, but was then postponed. In fact, changes to the procedure can now be entered into the Pnrr Ordinance, under discussion in Parliament, through an amendment. become a kind of Scratch and win.

    How does the receipt voucher change

    The idea of ​​the government is an idea Make lottery receipt instantLike a charge card: The idea is that the attraction is greater for taxpayers. So when you pay You can instantly see if you won and by how much You win, already at checkout.

    There is also another possibility that the government is currently considering, which is the hybrid system: the rewards could be immediate, but at the same time, there may also be some delayed extraction As it happens today.

    If the new lottery is included in the Pnrr decree, it can be submitted early JulyTaking into account the expiry times of the decree to convert it into law.

    How to enter the new voucher lottery

    Procedures for joining the voucher lottery They wouldn’t change that much. Users still have to register with their tax code on the lottery portal to get ID code To be combined with electronic payment instruments.

    To participate in the lottery, you will need to continue to make Card purchases and debit cards. The other grandmother should relate to lottery codes: Even those who do not have cards in a name or linked to their own account will be able to get them by accessing different accounts: this is the case, for example, of children who will be able to match the lottery code with the parents’ account.

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