How does the new platform work?


    The allocation of credits for building rewards is again enriched with new features, this time linked to the new platform to use in their implementation. The Revenue Agency has updated the performance of the new platform: let’s try to make it clear together.


    Many taxpayers after the government decided to reintroduce Multiple assignments of building creditsReady to use the new platform you providerevenue agency. This platform will make it possible to implement credit allocation, while complying with the regulations in this regard.

    Simplification involves in particular passing communication to the responsible bodies, for that matter Superbonus 110% and regular house bonuses. Let’s explore the story together.

    Balance Transfer: Here’s How to Access the Platform

    Bonus house

    First of all, let’s see how it will be possible to access the new construction credit selling platform. The first step is Log in to the Revenue Agency’s website, particularly in the “Balance Transfer” platform. In this it will be possible to view and accept or reject credits.

    access toReserved area It is possible by exploiting the digital identity, and then following some simple steps to complete the procedure. In detail, you should follow the following path:

    • Services
    • Benefits
    • Balance transfer.

    Balance Transfer: Where Can You See Credit Status?


    Let’s see now Where you can find out the credit status Once you log in to the platform provided by the Revenue Agency. The balance, especially if it is allocated, appears in the “Balance Transfer” area, but only in the circumstances in which the transfer was accepted for the transferred credit.

    The credits are then divided into affiliation categories: Transferable balances to anyone Credits are only transferable to “eligible” subjects. The difference is clear: the former can be sold to any broker you prefer, while the latter can only be sold to some specific people.

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