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     How do we put it?  - Free daily

    The Meloni government It does not scare the markets, on the contrary. This morning, there was a downward start for the BTP/Bund spread, which was at the level of 190 points, after yesterday’s closing at 193 points. On the other hand, the 10-year yield was 3.769%, down from 389.% on Wednesday. This is not the first time that the prime minister has received a positive welcome from the markets. To tell the truth, Giorgia Meloni has never been disturbed from this point of view since the beginning of her journey in Palazzo Chigi.

    Just think of the fact that the first session of the financial markets after he took office was positive, with stock indices rising and the BTP-Bund spread falling sharply. In detail, the 10-year yield – after the prime minister’s open on Sunday, October 23 – fell below 4.60% from 4.77% the previous Friday. At the same time, the spread with the Bund fell for the same period up to 225 basis pointsIt was the lowest level in about a month, that is, since before the September 25 elections. According to analysts and observers, there were no major unrest just because the inauguration of Meloni’s government, as well as the centre-right’s election victory, were more or less clear.

    The markets did not show signs of suffering even in one of the most crucial moments for the Meloni government so far, namely tensions with France on the issue of immigrants. In those days back and forth between the Italian prime minister and Macron, the difference remained anyway less than 200. It was around 190, the lowest level since last May. On the other hand, the opposition predicted catastrophic scenarios. Meloni would have been rewarded by the fact that she shows budgetary prudence, in line with the previous CEO, led by Mario Draghi.

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