How did the United States end Maradona’s career?

    How did the United States end Maradona’s career?

    I recently watched the documentary that was released about the past scandals of FIFA. On the one hand, I was positively impressed by the fact that a spotlight was finally turned on 78 World Cup in Argentina, that is, those that took place during one of the bloodiest dictatorships, the Videla dictatorship. The matches of that tournament were played a few kilometers away as the crow flies from the torture centers of the military junta and the whole world, and Fifa in particular, turned a blind eye to that occasion, making themselves accomplices to those who were atrocious deeds.

    However, I am appalled by the fact that even such a documentary did not delve into the events surrounding the 94 World Cup In the United States, where Diego Armando Maradona He was disqualified and his career was over. A political process with the complicity of FIFA and the Argentine Football Association. No one seems to have documented the role of the former secretary US state Henry Kissinger Whether in the organization of the World Cup finals or within FIFA itself, but above all as a champion of those processes that generated an anti-communist function both in Italy and in south americawho targeted figures such as Diego Maradona for his close ties to socialist and revolutionary leaders, from Hugo Chavez to Fidel Castro.

    This means that the American devices would not have allowed Maradona to win, or even to play until the end of the World Cup in the United States, after he became the official spokesperson for The main enemies to the United States of America and publicly swore allegiance to the revolutionary and anti-imperialist Cuban cause, as well as becoming Spokesman for the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas. Well, when it comes to FIFA scandals, those links to potential political instigators of Maradona’s disqualification never come to light. But they are worried about one of the most famous football players in the world.

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