Home bonus, revenue agency platform stops with new rules

    Home bonus, revenue agency platform stops with new rules

    Having approved the Anti-fraud Ordinance, designed to avoid the abusive use of all construction bonuses, The nightmare of those who renovate their homes is quickly crystallizing: the new rules, which introduce more controls and steps in the discount approval process, They are sending the current system into a state of upheaval, not yet ready to endure the change momentary decree. So much so that the Revenue Agency has had to interrupt sending the documents needed to obtain discounts on the invoice and allocate credits, pending the adaptation of its platform.

    The chaos, albeit temporary, gives rise to controversy over cunning counter-pressure that some, like the 5-Star Movement, view as a discouraging bureaucratic burden, prompting them to immediately demand “corrective measures to avoid disrupting the business in progress and those they were about to begin”. But in the majority there is another spark that will already light: with the amendment of the Decree of the Tax Code, the League, signed by Matteo Salvini, returned to the office with a flat tax, and requested financing at the expense of the state. Five-year income.
    The first to sound the alarm about household rewards were the artisans’ unions. The drawbacks are all bureaucratic because the anti-fraud ordinance adds two necessary steps to obtain discounts on the invoice or to transfer credits to intermediaries. The first is the requirement to obtain a compliance visa – issued by accountants and cafes – for all construction bonuses, not just for the 110% Superbonus, as has been the case until now. The second is the obligation to “certify expenditure adequacy” for all interventions without any cost limit.

    “Incomprehensible,” according to Confartigianato Imprese, Cna, and Casartigiani, because to replace a simple kettle or even just a window, New fees may be more expensive than tax benefits. Moreover, it is not yet clear who will have to issue the sworn statement and what content it will have.

    While the Revenue Agency formalized the impossibility of moving telecoms for sale and bill discounting, and ensured it had begun “extraordinary maintenance work to adapt to new regulatory provisions,” the policy began agitating in defense of the hugely popular public. Discounts, asking the government to account for the confusion that arose.

    “If we don’t get a serious thought about the recent interventions related to the 110% Superbonus, we risk very badly creating chaos like negating the effects of an extension that the M5s so desperately wanted,” MPs Ricardo said. Fracaro, Luca Sot and Patricia Terzoni. Only in the evening the agency announced that it had prepared the new updated contact form on the basis of the decree, even if the channel remained closed pending the necessary IT update.
    However, fears of restricted access to renovations benefits are already a reality in the 2022 gambit, as the number of single-family homeowners with access to the Superbonus drops by a third. This is due to the new income cap (up to €25,000) expected from next year. The super discount, which has been extended but in a revised version and patched up in the gambit, will cost just over $14 billion from 2022 to 2037.

    Meanwhile, as the maneuver reaches the Senate from where next week’s budget session will begin, Lega is trying to reintroduce the flat tax For fees or royalties of more than 65 thousand euros and up to 100 thousand. The proposal is one of the amendments to the tax bill, with leader Matteo Salvini as the first signatory. The amendment estimates fees at 110 million for 2022, 1.13 billion for 2023 and 860 million from 2024, “provided by a corresponding reduction in the Citizenship Income Fund appropriations.”

    The Democratic Party instead requests that some church buildings mentioned in the Lateran Agreements be exempted from the payment of tari duties, from the Roman Basilica to the Papal Palace at Castel Gandolfo. Just as Italia Viva is instead proposing to collect the same Tari in the bill, it follows the Rai fee mechanism, in favor of municipal budgets and exempts Covid-affected activities from the same tax.

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