Home science Hitman 3: PS5 vs Xbox Series X in Digital Foundry Video Comparison

Hitman 3: PS5 vs Xbox Series X in Digital Foundry Video Comparison

Hitman 3: PS5 vs Xbox Series X in Digital Foundry Video Comparison

Hitman 3 Analyzed by Digital foundry In the new Video comparison It is among the various console versions it is available with, with a special focus on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.Of course, always very expected.

The new chapter of IO Interactive Series has already garnered excellent reviews from critics and you can also see what we’re thinking by reading our Hitman 3 review posted yesterday. So let’s see the technical issues that emerged from Digital Foundry’s analysis of the game, which shows how the Xbox Series X was released. AdvantagesEspecially in terms of resolution.

First of all, the British column is very satisfied with what has been achieved by the new engine used by IO Interactive, especially with performance Demonstrated on all platforms, bearing in mind that i 60 fps It is achieved on all of the following generic consoles, albeit with various compromises. Instead, current platforms lock at 30 frames per second.

Having said that, 60fps is somewhat stable on all consoles Next generationWith the exception of some drops that are detected in certain situations, the differences appear above all in terms of accuracy: the Xbox Series X comes with 4K original, According to Digital Foundry, while the PS5 release stops at 1800 p. The Xbox Series S instead aims at 1080p while maintaining 60 frames per second, however it is an upgrade over the current public releases for all platforms.

Dynamic accuracy not revealed, with good use of TAA anti-aliasing, making Hitman 3 a very valid title graphically. From the point of view Quality textureXbox Series X and PS5 are compatible with the highest PC edition settings, while Xbox Series S chooses the “high” quality for the PC version.

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With respect to ShadeXbox Series S refers to the low quality seen on PC, PS5 displays shadows in medium quality while Xbox Series X chooses High quality. As for performance, in the hour the game was tested, it was stable at 60 fps but an exception was caught: on the “Mendoza” mission in Argentina, Xbox releases scored Drop Between 50 and 60 frames per second in a specific area of ​​the map, the PS5 instead maintained 60 frames per second.

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