Hippo from the Masked Singer – who is he? Money – age, wife, children

    Hippo from the Masked Singer – who is he?  Money – age, wife, children

    The Masked Singer is a Rai Uno show that is very popular with the audience. The show creates and generates a lot of curiosity because we don’t know who is hiding under the masks. On tonight’s episode, Saturday April 1st, there was a cancellation and thus the unveiling. Deleted mask is fromHippopotamus. Let’s find out who is hiding under the mask.

    The singer was hiding under a hippopotamus mask money. Let’s get to know him more.

    Who’s money?

    moneyNick name Paul Bradley CollingHe was born on February 27, 1944 in Cwmbran, UK. He is 79 years old He is a Pisces, and is a naturalized English-Italian. The guy grew up in a humble family and always had a strong passion for music. His musical career began in Wales, but success in Italy reached him in 1965 with i Neanderthals. Subsequently, he embarked on a solo career consisting of big hits, but often accompanied by bands. Among his greatest hits we remember Furia, Bambolina, Occhi neri and many others.
    money He also records the release of Furia which is the soundtrack to the popular TV show Furia – Al Cavallo del West. This song gave him a resounding success, he sells more than one and a half million records.

    Well, private life

    money He had an eventful love life, had many flirtations and passionate stories with people from the world of entertainment and music. He dated Linda Ferras, then had an affair with her Patricia Viottithen fleeting stories with Dory Ghazzi, Dorit Hank. money He was linked to the actress for 13 years Marina MarvugliaThen their love ended.
    in 1989 money met the woman of his life, RenataTheir overwhelming love remains. Two children were born from their union: Kevin Paul In 1998, at the age of 25 and Karen Art Born in 2001, he is 22 years old.

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