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Hill’s leaders are close to reaching agreement on the long-awaited Covid relief plan

Hill's leaders are close to reaching agreement on the long-awaited Covid relief plan

Democrats and Republicans appeared optimistic after the conclusion of personal talks on Tuesday between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Party Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Nothing has been finalized yet, and details are scarce on what could be agreed upon, but all signs point to a possible announcement of a deal that would include provisions with broad bipartisan support, including extensions of unemployment benefits, and loans for those hard hit. Small businesses and funds to distribute vaccines. May legislators Extended Federal Eviction Suspension And student loan deferment.
While Hill’s leaders will not confirm what they agreed to, both sides have likely made some important concessions including the possibility of dropping the demands. Money for states and cities A priority the Democrats have been pushing – and Liability Shield Which the Republican Party was seeking

McConnell told reporters that there had been “significant progress” and said, “I am optimistic that we will be able to complete the understanding soon.”

McCarthy also showed similar confidence, saying, “I think things are really going well.”

Schumer said he was “getting close” when CNN asked him if he agreed with the assessment from top Republicans that a deal was close.

Schumer said, “We are exchanging papers back and forth and we hope that we can reach an agreement soon,” adding, “I think there is a real desire to reach any agreement by the four parties.”

The meetings between senior congressional leaders on both sides of the corridor, which concluded in the evening shortly after 10 p.m. ET Tuesday, represent the most significant step in weeks in efforts to broker a deal on Covid aid and government funding before lawmakers leave Washington for the holidays and Relief programs end the main pandemic At the end of the year.

The talks between Hill’s leaders took place on Tuesday after the official unveiling earlier this week of the legislative text for a potential Covid stimulus plan put forward by a bipartisan alliance aimed at finding common ground between a deeply divided Congress.

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Instead of rolling out a single legislative package, the bipartisan coalition split their proposal into two bills, one addressing the thorny issues of state and domestic aid and liability protection, while the other focused on provisions that were expected to garner broad bipartisan support.

The bipartisan coalition’s unanimous bill that avoids this issue as well as liability protection could serve as a ready-made starting point for what can be agreed more broadly on Covid relief.

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