Highlighting the Piedmont franchise | Piedmont region | Piedmontform

     Highlighting the Piedmont franchise |  Piedmont region |  Piedmontform

    The Piedmont Region, the City of Turin and the Turin Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Turismo Turin i Provencia and Visit Piedmont, worked together to reserve a special welcome for envoys from all over the world who came to the city to followEurovision Song ContestThe most important festival of continental music is set to take place at the PalaOlimpico in Turin from May 10-14.

    The aim is to Inform them about the area and involve them in The interface between tourism, cultural, food and wine excellence Turin and the whole of Piedmont: from the rich heritage of art, history and nature to the highest quality in gastronomy and winemaking tradition, to extraordinary landscapes that offer a fantastic offer of the outdoors, sports and activities for leisure and relaxation.

    And receiving delegations from different countries and the five hundred accredited journalists Mayor of the Piedmont region And Member of the Regional Council for Culture, Tourism and Trade I repeat that I Major events are the engine of tourism and the economy In addition to bringing in new visitors, they represent a national and international survey board of great importance that the Territory is pleased to support in cooperation with other entities.

    According to the president Working together is essential so that the city of Turin and Piedmont can go furtherand somewhat fuzzy central restoration of the past starting with the fact that they have no history, but “The Story” to tellThis is an added value that creates a wonderful natural choreography for an unusual event. Piedmont wants to work like this, promoting itself in the world through its events. What is certain and can be realized when walking around Turin is that the city at this moment is the heart of Europe, and also something else. The ramifications of Eurovision are massive, and truly endless.

    Eurovision Song Contest

    He returned to Italy after Rome 1991 thanks to the victory achieved by Maneskins last year in Rotterdam, andEurovision Song Contest It is witnessing the participation of 40 countries and will be broadcast live by Rai Uno and major European and non-European TV channels. Led by Laura Bossini, Alessandro Cattelan and Mica.

    The program is divided as follows: the first semi-final on May 10, the second semi-final on May 12, 2022 and the grand final on Saturday 14. Only Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom will compete in the final, and the other two semi-finalists will play first. Prussia was overthrown.

    Italy will compete with Mahmoud and Blanco. The two guys will propose the song “Chills” that they won at the last Sanremo Festival.

    The stage will be “ecological”: in the center is a sun made of concentric arches, and in front of it is a swimming pool with a waterfall. There will also be one green room With gardens and plants, where delegates will find their place after performances.

    Eurovision Village

    The Valentino Park Turin is the headquarters ofEurovision Village, a free entertainment space open May 7-14 with a packed program that includes over 40 hours of concerts with international, national and Piedmontese artists ranging from rock to hip-hop, and from world music to electronics. Moreover, thanks to 200 testimonials and activists, every day we will talk about precisely current issues that will constitute important moments of reflection. In this area there will also be large screens to watch the evenings of the music competition live, refreshment points, and the booths of sponsors and establishments.

    in that of Piedmont regionWhere local tourism agencies will be present alternately, they will be distributed Illustrations and gifts Promotional videos will be shown.

    All useful information is available for those who want to come to Turin https://www.turismotorino.org/it/esperiences/eurovision-torino

    Media Center Casa Italia

    The City of Turin, the Piedmont Region, the Turin Chamber of Commerce with VisitPiemonte and Tourism Turin and the province also sponsor the Casa Italia media centre, which was created At Palazzo Madama from May 5 to 14.

    One Promotional space in Turin and Piedmont Is available for Italian and international journalists Accredited in Eurovision Song Contest, equipped with workstations and where there is a rich calendar of activities including interviews, meetings with musicians and presentations on the territory.

    At different times of the day the program Piedmont tasting experience Will suggest tasting, aperitif and sinoire snacks With the participation of local tourist agencies, trade associations, wine and tourism associations, regional wine shops, Maestri del Gusto in Turin and its province, Turin wines, cocktails and Turin cheese.

    Major Events of 2022

    The Eurovision Song Contest is the first major event to mark Spring Summer 2022 in Piedmont.

    In a few days will take place the Book Fair, the Giro d’Italia, the Economic Festivals, the outdoor food and press, the Masters of Magic, and the events included in the European Piedmont Sports District 2022.

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